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U.S. Bank Stadium

A category for all the stories about the Minnesota Vikings' new home, U.S. Bank Stadium.

U.S. Bank Stadium ranked ugliest stadium in the world

According to people who have no taste

Vikings vs Giants - The Wild Card | The Final Score

The Vikings season is over with the loss to the Giants. Fans are not happy and even on the show are getting into it. Everyone has an opinion. Come vent with us. Will Ed Donatell be fired?

Vikings vs Giants | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! This turned into one of those games where whichever team had the ball last was going to win. The NFL loves that.

Vikings vs Giants - Whiteout

From everyone wearing white to what it takes for the Vikings to beat the Giants.

Vikings vs Jets | The Final Score

Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Jets 27-22 in another blood-pressure-raising close game. React with us!

Vikings vs Bears | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Kirk Cousins is clutch in the end again for a 29-22 Vikings win over the Bears. SKOL!

Vikings vs Bears - What’s Wrong With Kirk Cousins?

Darren and Dave talked today about how Kirk Cousin’s production has declined. Is he declining? Is it the new scheme? He has two 4th quarter comebacks though and a better QB win rate than any start in his Vikings career, but QB wins isn’t a stat, right? #SKOL!

Sunday Night Football will be at U.S. Bank Stadium if game is moved

Nothing official yet, though

Vikings vs Lions | The Final Score

Funny how throwing the ball to Adam Thielen, KJ Osborn, and even CJ Ham works. LOL. Dalvin Cook performed well too until Alexander Mattison had to replace him. Oh, what a manly run by him to score. Then don’t knock the comeback version of Kirk Cousins either. All this and more as the Vikings win 28-24 in The Final Score. SKOL!

Air Dominance - The New Vikings Era

Kevin O’Connell schemed to get Justin Jefferson the ball and it paid off big time! The Vikings demolished the Packers and had Aaron Rodgers furious. Can anyone guard Jefferson? Join Tyler Forness breaking it all down at the new time of 6 pm central tonight. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers | The Final Score

The Vikings wrapped up their first win of the season in game 1 vs the Packers. Green Bay was projected to be one of the best teams in the league and Minnesota dominated from the opening drive. Join Tanishka, Flip, and Dave as they react in the final 2 minutes to the opener for the 2022-2023 campaign. SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers - Are You Ready?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, join Dave and his outstanding partner in football, Darren, as they get you pumped for the week 1 border battle. Will the Purple and new HC Kevin O’Connell mark the end of Green Bay’s dominance? Hell yes! Let’s do this! SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers: Easy Win?

Vikings Happy Hour was having a fun night at Lake Monster Brewing. This was, especially with Arif Hasan of the Athletic joining Matt, Myles, and Ryan talking Vikings football, talking smack to Packers fans, and drinking some great beer! SKOL!

Backward Steps

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers , what we saw in the Vikings vs 49ers game with position battles on the line was telling. So much so that this morning as this is getting posted, the Vikings announced a trade with the Raiders for backup quarterback Nick Mullens. All is good now, right? Is it time to R-E-L-A-X, as Aaron Rodgers put it? SKOL!

Vikings vs 49ers | The Final Score

Players were battling for roster spots at US Bank Stadium. There was some good and definitely some bad. Flip, Jayson, and Dave talk about your Minnesota Vikings’ matchup against the San Francisco 49ers on CTP’s The Final Score.

Happy New League Year with Doogie Wolfson | Vikings Happy Hour

Anytime Doogie Wolfson joins VHH with Matt, Myles, & Ryan it is. Now take it to the next level as the new league started and Vikings are announcing signings, it will ROCK like a brew from Lake Monster Brewing! Listen or watch as Doogie drops scoops. SKOL!

Vikings Daily SITREP - Memories of a Miracle

Matt and Dave talk about our memories of the Minneapolis Miracle. What are yours? #SKOL!

Vikings vs Bears - CTP’s: The Final Score

Jason, Flip, and Dave talk about your Vikings win over the Bears, 31-17, in the final game of the season on CTP’s The Final Score.

CTP Mondays - Some Came to Play, Others Did Not

Dave and Deshawn talk about the Vikings' loss, at home. vs the Rams, then with Tyler look forward to the coming offseason changes. Tyler, Deshawn, and Dave were turning your Monday, Purple.

Vikings vs Rams - CTP’s: The Final Score

Jayson, Tyler, and Dave discussed the loss with you, and what is next for Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman, and of course Kirk Cousins. Who do you think won’t be on the team next year?

Vikings Happy Hour - Christmas with Doogie Wolfson

Doogie Wolfson joins the show and brings the scoops on Griffen, Breeland, change at the top, and more... Make sure to grab a beverage!

Vikings vs Steelers - CTP’s: The Final Score

Matt Fries joins Flip and Dave as the game winded down and the Vikings win 36-28 after a 29-0 lead. Why are all of these games but 1, a one-score game?

Vikings Happy Hour - It Gets Dark, Wins, Losses, & Vikings vs Steelers

It Vikings Happy Hour and the GMG Two Old Bloggers pregame show all rolled into one Vikings talkfest. The season may be dark early, but there is light on the horizon, but first, the Steelers Make sure to grab a beverage!

CTP’s In The Huddle - Stay Aggressive!

Keeping games competitive, but can the Vikings go out dominate? Jayson and Flip ask this and more questions, all the while engaging with the fans.

CTP Mondays - The Aggressiveness Happy Place

your Monday, Purple.

Vikings vs Packers - CTP’s: The Final Score

Flip and Dave watch that last 2 minutes with you. It came down to a Joseph kick, and the Vikings win it! Skol Vikings! Join us for the postgame reaction.

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Packers

Packers week is here and the Vikings need to defeat them in our house. US Bank Stadium promises to be rocking. Will it help the battle of the cross-border rivals? #SKOL!

Vikings Happy Hour - A Little Bit of Wolves, A Lot of Vikings, With Doogie Wolfson

Darren Doogie Wolfson joins the guys for Vikings Happy Hour talking a little bit of Timberwolves and a lot of Vikings, including possible false positives. Make sure to grab a beverage!

Vikings vs Cowboys - CTP’s: The Final Score

This Final Score will be a special one, not only due to hopefully a Vikings win [which they didn’t], but because the crew tonight will be comprised of the Climbing The Pocket’s original crew. Jayson, Myles, Yinka, and JR will join you fans as they react to the game action.

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Cowboys on Halloween

The gauntlet starts! 2OB will be looking forward to Vikings vs Cowboys. From Daily Norseman & Climbing The Pocket, Darren Campbell joins Dave Stefano for GMG’s Two Old Bloggers. #SKOL!

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings vs Cowboys with The Football Girl

Thirsty yet? We are! Climbing the Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s "Vikings Happy Hour" is open! Vikings vs Cowboys. Matt Anderson, Ryan Ortega, Sara, The Football Girl talk about Sunday Night. Producer Dave behind the bar. Make sure to grab a beverage!

CTP’s In The Huddle - Vikings Realistic Expectations

Vikings vs Cowboys is quickly approaching and Paul Catalina of BLEAV in Cowboys and 365 Sports Channel joins Jayson and Myles to talk about it.

CTP Mondays - Halloween Horror?

Cowboys expert fan, Billy Kraemer, joins Tyler, Deshawn, and Dave to discuss the Halloween matchup of the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. Will US Bank Stadium be a house of horrors, and for which team?

CTP’s In The Huddle - Finding Optimism?

Eric Eager of PFF and CTP is actually optimistic about the Vikings. He joins Jayson and Myles and they talk about why.

CTP Mondays - Turning Point or Nah?

Before getting into the win over the Lions, special guest Jared Feinberg from Blue Chip Scouting joins the crew to talk about the Carolina Panthers. Tyler, Deshawn, and Dave go over the rest, turning your Monday Purple.

Vikings vs Lions - CTP’s: The Final Score

We were LIVE for The Final Score! Climb The Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s postgame show, Tyler Forness, Matt Fries, Flip Mazzi, & producer Dave react to the "win", let’s rail! How’d your favorite Vikings look against the Lions? React with us! SKOL!