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Vikings Top Plays Of 2013

The Vikings' top plays of 2013, all in one place.

Vikings' Top Plays of 2013: The Wright Stuff

When a guy beats Richard Sherman this badly, it deserves to be highlighted.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Two Guys, One Sack

Can't go over it. . .can't go under it. . .can't go around it. . .gotta go through it.


One of our favorite plays from the Vikings' 2013 season came in the season finale, and it came from one of the more likely sources.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Moves Like Jennings

We bring you a big Vikings' play from a game that the team actually won. Weird, huh?

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Ford Tough

Adrian Peterson is great, but sometimes even the great ones need a little help from their friends. Even the friends they may not have even known they had.

Top Plays Of 2013: Robison To The House

The Minnesota Vikings' defense didn't have a lot of big moments in 2013, but one of them came in Week 2 at Soldier Field.

Top Plays Of 2013: TOBY SMASH One More Time

Toby Gerhart is now a former Viking, but he gave Minnesota fans one last nice memory before he left for Jacksonville.