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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp 2015

All of our stories about the Minnesota Vikings' 2015 Training Camp

Vikings Sign Defensive Tackle Greg Hickman

The team has made a roster move, bringing in a player that spent last season in the Canadian Football League.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 77: Zimsplosion

Oh my god Mike Zimmer

Zim Tzu, Starring An Incredibly Mad Mike Zimmer

The head coach/warrior poet did not care for the last practice in Mankato.

Vikings To Keep Camp In Mankato Through 2018

The team and the local college have come to a three-year agreement to keep Training Camp right in Mankato where it should be.

Vikings Training Camp: Day 18 Open Thread

It's the second-to-last day of Training Camp in Mankato, folks. Come follow along with what's going on!

Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Days 6-13

It's been a while since I've posted a camp notebook. I hope this whets your appetite.

Vikings Training Camp: Day 17 Open Thread

We're in the final week of Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp, folks. Come on in and see what the buzz is in Mankato.

Stock Market Report: Hall of Fame Game

Football is back! And so is Daily Norseman's Stock Market Report.

Minnesota Vikings Friday Morning Practice

Our own Skol Girl braved the elements in Mankato to observe the Vikings' practice on Friday morning.

Vikings Training Camp: Day 13 Open Thread

It's the last day of practice before the team's first preseason game, and you can keep up with everything that's happening in Mankato right here.

Minnesota Vikings Morning Practice and Pressers

Skol Girl gives us her report from this morning's practice, including the press conferences that followed.

Barr Being Held Out Of Workouts

The second-year linebacker is being held out of the team's workouts today with what appears to be a leg injury.

Thursday Morning

Just checking in at the Vikings media office. Nothing to get excited about yet. Except, maybe, the weather.

Vikings Training Camp: Day 12 Open Thread

There's only a week left of Training Camp, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, I know, that sounds weird to me, too.

Notes and Summary from Day 10 of Vikings Camp

Some notes and observations from the August 4th evening practice, along with a summary of camp so far.

Vikings Release First 2015 Depth Chart

We're less than a week away from Minnesota Vikings' football, and now we have the team's first depth chart of the season.

Vikings Training Camp Day Ten Open Thread

The Vikings are back on the field in Mankato, folks. We've got your coverage of Training Camp for today right here.

Training Camp Notes and Harrison Smith Interview

August 2nd Camp Notes as well as a one on one interview I was able to get with Harrison Smith.

Vikings Training Camp Day Nine Open Thread

It's Monday, and the Minnesota Vikings are back on the field in Mankato. Follow along with the action right here!

Vikings Training Camp Day Eight Open Thread

One week from the preseason opener, the Minnesota Vikings continue to get ready down in Mankato.

Mankato Is Quickly Becoming Diggstown

There's still plenty of time left in this year's "Mr. Mankato" competition, but we may already be able to crown a winner.

Notes From Saturday Morning In Mankato

We've got a few notable things to look at from the Saturday morning practice in Mankato for your reading pleasure.

Vikings Training Camp Day Seven Open Thread

The team has been in camp for a week, and today we celebrate Family Football Day in Mankato.

Harris Still Leading At Right Guard

The Minnesota Vikings went into camp with an open competition at right guard, but the guy that started at that spot is holding on to it.

Vikings Training Camp Day Six Open Thread

The Vikings took the day off yesterday, but they're back on the field this Friday for another practice session.

Hunter May Contribute Sooner Than Expected

Not much was expected of third-round pick Danielle Hunter this season, but he's doing his part in Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp to change all of that.

Training Camp Notebook: Day Three and Four

Holy pads-emonium

Featured Fanshot

Eric On Purple FTW! Podcast

I was once again a guest of the Purple FTW! Podcast hosted by Viking Territory's Andy Carlson. Click the link to hear Andy and me chat about who's doing well, who's struggling, and how the picture you see in the headline came to be. Plus more news and notes from my time in Mankato and my tour of US Bank Stadium.

U.S. Bank Stadium Photo Gallery: July 29, 2015

Pictures taken on 7/29/15 by Eric Thompson on an exclusive tour of U.S. Bank Stadium and the VIP tent at Minnesota Vikings Training Camp in Mankato.

Vikings Training Camp Day Four Open Thread

The Minnesota Vikings continue to get ready for their 2015 NFL season.

Vikings Camp: Gallery, Offensive Recap, Day 3 News

Daily Norseman checks in after the first full pads practice in Mankato with another exclusive photo gallery and a look at the offensive side of the ball.

Vikings Training Camp Photo Gallery: Day 3

Photos from Minnesota Vikings Training Camp in Mankato taken on July 28, 2015 by credentialed photographer Thad Chesley.

Training Camp Day Three: AM News and Notes

A recap of Monday morning's Minnesota Vikings Training Camp walkthrough along with recaps of the press conferences of Mike Zimmer and Mike Priefer.

Vikings Training Camp Day Three Open Thread

Today is the first full pads practice for the Minnesota Vikings as things continue to shake themselves out in Mankato.

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day Two

What do practices with no pads mean? More than no practice at all!

NORV~! Cares Not For Your Quarterback Rankings

Vikings' offensive coordinator Norv Turner has seen a lot of talk about his starting quarterback this offseason. Apparently, he doesn't agree with any of it.