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Comeback King - Kirk Cousins

Tyler dives into the Kirk Cousins’ win over the Detroit Lions, the god, the bad, and the Kirk. Then he starts the discussion on what to expect in the upcoming game in London versus the Saints. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Lions | The Final Score

Funny how throwing the ball to Adam Thielen, KJ Osborn, and even CJ Ham works. LOL. Dalvin Cook performed well too until Alexander Mattison had to replace him. Oh, what a manly run by him to score. Then don’t knock the comeback version of Kirk Cousins either. All this and more as the Vikings win 28-24 in The Final Score. SKOL!

Vikings vs Lions - We Expect Better

On this episode of 2OB, with much gnashing of teeth after the humiliating loss at the hands of the Eagles, the Vikings take on the Lions in a key NFC North matchup. Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano will look into what to expect, and we expect better! Join us. SKOL!

Can the Vikings Tame the Lions? With Glover Quin

On this Vikings Happy Hour , former Pro Bowl safety Glover Quin joined the guys to talk about football and especially the upcoming game versus the Lions in their first matchup of the season. The Lions' offense has been red hot and the Vikings just showed the world how to beat them. Will it happen on Sunday? SKOL!

Growing Pains or Bad Game?

Flip and Eric have 6 great questions and the hot takes lined up for answers. Join us in this fast-hitting show making TD completions and not throwing INTs. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and join us. SKOL!

Vikings vs Eagles | The Final Score

The Vikings were soundly defeated by the Eagles in a disappointing performance in prime time. Jayson, Matt, Flip, and Dave react to it with you, the fans as we review the good and the bad of the Vikings’ performance. SKOL!

‘Checkdown’ Kirk vs Eagles?

Vikings vs Eagles - Ready Again?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren finally gets a chance to rejoice in the week 1 victory over TTFW [the Packers] and we together look at the Monday Night matchup with the Eagles. It should be a rockin’ preview. Join us! #SKOL!

Vikings Win! Redemption In Philly?

On this Vikings Happy Hour . We had an entertaining show, ESATT nation be damned! Right, Ted? Our focus was on the win against the Packers and the game against the Eagles. I want to thank everyone for joining us live, and if you missed it, watch the link below. Great job by Matt and Ryan. SKOL!

Air Dominance - The New Vikings Era

Kevin O’Connell schemed to get Justin Jefferson the ball and it paid off big time! The Vikings demolished the Packers and had Aaron Rodgers furious. Can anyone guard Jefferson? Join Tyler Forness breaking it all down at the new time of 6 pm central tonight. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers | The Final Score

The Vikings wrapped up their first win of the season in game 1 vs the Packers. Green Bay was projected to be one of the best teams in the league and Minnesota dominated from the opening drive. Join Tanishka, Flip, and Dave as they react in the final 2 minutes to the opener for the 2022-2023 campaign. SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers - Are You Ready?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, join Dave and his outstanding partner in football, Darren, as they get you pumped for the week 1 border battle. Will the Purple and new HC Kevin O’Connell mark the end of Green Bay’s dominance? Hell yes! Let’s do this! SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers: Easy Win?

Vikings Happy Hour was having a fun night at Lake Monster Brewing. This was, especially with Arif Hasan of the Athletic joining Matt, Myles, and Ryan talking Vikings football, talking smack to Packers fans, and drinking some great beer! SKOL!

Can the Vikings Win Week 1?

Tyler Forness and Producer Dave will ask the question can the Vikings win week 1? They’ll be having fun looking at all that led up to the first Packers week of the season. Then looking ahead to them coming to US Bank. Who will start 0-1, and why do they wear green and gold uniforms? ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

How do You Like Kwesi Now?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive into all the moves made by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah along with Kevin O’Connell to cut the roster to 53, then build a practice squad on top of that. There were moves and more moves, some expected, and others unconventional. Let’s look at why. SKOL!

Vikings Roster Cut Reactions

Vikings Happy Hour is talking about your Minnesota Vikings and the cuts made to get down to their 53-man roster, the trades, the surprises, and who even made the practice squad. What are your roster reactions? Did the team assemble a winning squad? SKOL!

Vikings Cuts Pt 3: Down to 53

On this Vikings Daily SITREP , the Vikes released, waived, and traded their way to 53 players as dictated by the NFL, with at least one surprise cut and the cutting of both Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion, it was a wild day for Vikings fans. SKOL!

Tyler’s Vikings Projected 53

From the transactions made by the Vikings on Monday to projecting the final 53, Tyler breaks down the direction the Vikings are going. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Broncos | The Final Score

Jonas Stärk, staying up into the wee hours for CTP Germany, joins Dave to react to the Vikings vs Broncos games. Did any roster bubble players make it an easy decision to keep them on the team? What do you think?

Playing For Vikings Careers

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers , Darren and Dave look at each position group in detail. To predict the entire 53-man roster, from the trade for Nick Mullens to backup Kirk Cousins. The rosters will stay pretty much the same as predicted. A reprieve will only be granted if there are injuries during the game. SKOL!

Vikings Roster Cut Predictions

Vikings Happy Hour has the regulars discussing the trade for Nick Mullens. In addition, they highlight the 49ers game, talking about who has to shine vs the Broncos, and discussing who will make the final roster. So grab your Lake Monster beer and join us! Skol!

Vikings Cuts Pt 2 | Vikings Daily SITREP

The Vikes are working their way down to the final squad of 2022/23 and this is the second round of transactions. Join Taniska as she brings the details and if there were any surprises to get to 80. What do you think? SKOL!

Play Bad, Get Replaced: Vikings Trade For Nick Mullens

The Vikings get a new capable backup quarterback when they traded for Nick Mullens. Many of the rookies have shined so far this preseason and Tyler has favorites. T.Y. McGill has been dominant and should be Mr. Mankato, but doesn’t qualify. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show. SKOL!

Backward Steps

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers , what we saw in the Vikings vs 49ers game with position battles on the line was telling. So much so that this morning as this is getting posted, the Vikings announced a trade with the Raiders for backup quarterback Nick Mullens. All is good now, right? Is it time to R-E-L-A-X, as Aaron Rodgers put it? SKOL!

Vikings vs 49ers | The Final Score

Players were battling for roster spots at US Bank Stadium. There was some good and definitely some bad. Flip, Jayson, and Dave talk about your Minnesota Vikings’ matchup against the San Francisco 49ers on CTP’s The Final Score.

Optimism or Concern? With Luke Braun

Vikings Happy Hour has Luke Braun of Locked on Vikings joining the crew to talk all things Vikings. This includes who will backup Kirk Cousins, the young rookie runners, and Ed Ingram winning the starting right guard spot. So grab your Lake Monster beer and join us! Skol!

Vikings Cuts Pt 1

On today’s Vikings Daily SITREP, the Minnesota Vikings announced their cuts from 90 to 85 players and Tanishka breaks them down for you. SKOL!

Winners & Losers

Tyler Forness of The Real Forno Show, dives into some of the play from the Vikings vs Raiders game. He looks at players who played well like Brian Asamoah and some that didn’t. Join us to find out more. SKOL!

Vikings vs Raiders | The Final Score

Flip, Tyler, and Dave talk about your Minnesota Vikings’ matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders on CTP’s The Final Score.

Mond, Mond, Mond

Why should you listen when you have results? Because after yesterday’s game in which the Vikings played the Raiders in week 1 of the preseason, there was some movement in the competition at various spots. In addition, the backup quarterback sometimes left a lot to be desired. You can learn how to watch the offensive line as a fan and expand your perspective beyond just tracking the ball. That’s why. SKOL!

Players on the Clock

Ryan and Eric ask 6 questions in 20 minutes on Viking Hot Takes, about some critical Vikings elements for possible success. Who will step up for Vikings vs Raiders, and who will not? SKOL!

Vikings Depth Chart “OR”?

Vikings Happy Hour is back and we’re stoked that our first preseason game is just around the corner. The boys are here and ready to break down everything leading up to the game this weekend. This includes the official release of the unofficial depth chart, plus, the hype around Darrisaw and Greg Joseph. And if you’re not fully in on Kevin O’Connell, they’ll explain why you should. So grab your Lake Monster beer and join us! Skol!

Mond & Bradbury Disappoint

Are all things well in Egan with the Vikings? Tyler & Dave of the Real Forno Show discusses it. What do you think Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman fans? Can enough improvement be made by week 1 of the NFL season?

Pads On at Vikings Training Camp

With the pads coming on, we got to hear about some hitting with my favorite linemen. Darren and Dave of Two Old Bloggers will hit on that ourselves along with the other happening this week. In addition, tennis might be the key to Kirk Cousins winning us the Super Bowl. SKOL!

Can the Vikings Win the NFC North?

Can the Vikings take the NFC North? They’ll also take a look at the rookies in a new segment of Rookie Roundup. Today’s topic: Andrew Booth. Then they’ll wrap the show with their biggest concern heading into the season and if Kirk can change the narrative around himself this season. SKOL!

Strategic Vulnerability Or Interest Generator?

On this Real Forno Show, Tyler questions the Vikings' message to fans to not film practice. Was it the right thing to do? Do you excite the fan base that way? Then onto what else has been happening in camp. SKOL!


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