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CTP is Scouting the Senior Bowl

How to watch the Senior Bowl and what to look for as you window shop for the Vikings. Put your scouting hat on and join us in Mobile. SKOL!

Offensive Player of the Year?

Trading Dannielle Hunter to get assets to rebuild the defense, does that make sense? Darren and Dave debate that and more. First a defensive coordinator update, then admiration for Justin Jefferson’s fantastic 2022 season. It was so enjoyable! SKOL!

Dawn Of A New Vikings Defense

With the dismissal of Ed Donatell and the interviews for his replacement underway, the Vikings defense is about to have a new leader and possibly a revised scheme. Who do you want to be the new DC? SKOL!

The Search Is On!

On The Real Forno Show - Ed Donatell was released so that means another DC search is on. Tyler covers the search with reports on the 3 candidates we know of plus a few more. Then we get into a discussion of wide receivers that could complement Justin Jefferson. This will give opponents a second thought about how they will cover JJ at risk of being burned.

The 2022 Season: Success? Failure? Gone!

The season is over for your Minnesota Vikings so let’s evaluate the results, plus the latest news from Ed Donatell’s release to who might replace him. SKOL!

Turning The Page

This week, Eric Eager joins the guys to talk about how enjoyable watching Kirk Cousins this season has been. Then he was asked about a post-Cousins Vikings era which will be inevitable.

The End is Just the Beginning

The Vikings 2022 season may have ended, but that means we are on the verge of the next unwritten chapter in our fandom and that of our favorite team. Tyler walks us through some of the decisions that will have to be made to make 2023 even better. All this and more on The Real Forno Show.

Vikings vs Giants - The Wild Card | The Final Score

The Vikings season is over with the loss to the Giants. Fans are not happy and even on the show are getting into it. Everyone has an opinion. Come vent with us. Will Ed Donatell be fired?

Giants vs Vikings in the Super Wild Card round

Cunningham to Cousins: Can Kirk do what Randall did? SKOL!

Win or Go Home

Super Wild Card weekend is here and your Minnesota Vikings will be playing the New York Giants. The guys get together over a few drinks to talk about what we might expect from our favorite team in purple.

On A Mission

On The Real Forno Show - Is it a Mission Impossible? [The theme song playing in your mind.] The Vikings have accepted the mission. Join us as Tyler reports on it.

Vikings at Bears | The Final Score

Vikings WIN!, Vikings WIN! The Vikings won with a final score of Minnesota Vikings 29, the Chicago Bears 13. The day kicked off with the majority of starters playing the first half and then getting rest later in the game. The backups came in and got some meaningful reps. This is a smart way to prepare to head into the playoffs with a 13-4 record. SKOL!

Vikings at Bears - O-line Change, O-line Worries

The guys get into the changes on the O-line and whether the Vikings should be sitting some starters and getting some young studs playing time on that Soldier Field turf versus the Bears. SKOL!

Vikings Slipping As Postseason Nears

News that right tackle Brian O’Neill is done for the season due to a partially torn Achilles. What does this mean for the O-line rolling into the playoffs?

Lambasted In Lambeau

On The Real Forno Show - The Vikings lost to the Packers by getting smoked. It brings up concerns for the future in the NFC playoffs and this is where Tyler gets into it.

Vikings at Packers | The Final Score

The Vikings came, they saw, and they got dominated all game long.

Vikings at Packers - Cheese Anyone?

It is Packers week and the Vikings need to end their dreams. From the rookies stepping up to the Duke of Shelley, make it so to start 2023 just like they did at the beginning of the season. SKOL!

Vikings vs Giants | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! This turned into one of those games where whichever team had the ball last was going to win. The NFL loves that.

Vikings vs Giants - Whiteout

From everyone wearing white to what it takes for the Vikings to beat the Giants.

A Moment of Reflection

The greatest comeback ever not only resulted in a Vikings win but also having Flip asking to do the first FMF in almost two years. What a season!

Believe! They Do

The biggest comeback ever and there were some key moments and key players that made it happen. Result: your Minnesota Vikings win the NFC North.

Vikings vs Colts | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Jonas Stärk, Yinka Ayine, and Tyler Forness join Dave to break down the overtime win over the Indianapolis Colts after being down 33-0 at the first half. The greatest comeback in NFL history came next and we were there with you to live it live! NFC North Champions baby!

Vikings Moving On

After a devastating loss to the Detroit Lions and only the third of the season, the Minnesota Vikings look to fix what ails them. Ryan and Jonas discuss what it’ll take against the Indianapolis Colts to right the ship and win the division.

Time To Hit The Panic Button?

On The Real Forno Show - Do you think the Vikings' defense must change a month before the playoffs? Should Ed Donatell be fired? Then there is a Colts game on Saturday.

Vikings vs Lions | The Final Score

After a disappointing loss where the Detroit Lions played better than the Minnesota Vikings, come vent and feel better. ...or not. React with us!

Vikings at Lions - Underdog?! | Two Old Bloggers

We have a great show lined up, from should Jalen Reagor be used more, the anatomy of a concussion, and is there a better solution for Darrisaw and Evans, to breaking down the Kitties. Should they be as hyped as much as they are? Can the Vikings prove Vegas wrong & clinch?

The Vikings defense: reliability or a liability?

Grab your Lake Monster Brewing beer or favorite cocktail and join the debate over the Vikings’ defense. Are they up for the playoffs?

Refusing To Break: The Vikings Way in 2022

On The Real Forno Show - It was another way too close victory, but they count as much as blowouts as the Vikings defeated the Jets 27-22.

Vikings vs Jets | The Final Score

Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Jets 27-22 in another blood-pressure-raising close game. React with us!

Vikings vs Jets - Another Test

Two Old Bloggers breaks down Jet vs Vikings and the battle against another good defense, addresses fans fears, and tries to explain why this team isn’t good yet on screen plays.

Adversity & Adjustments: The Vikings Way

It is good to see adjustments leading to a quality win over the Patriots. Keep them coming for the Jets.

The Bounceback: Vikings Win vs Patriots

From a bad defeat to a great win, Darren and Dave talk about the comeback and bounceback victory over the Patriots and what that means for the Vikings and the standings in the NFC North and the NFC.

Vikings vs Patriots | The Final Score

Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Patriots 33-26 in another thriller. React with us!

Onto The Patriots: The Vikings After A Blowout Loss with Chad Graff & Jordy McElroy

How can the Vikings rebound on TNF vs another daunting defense? Tune in to find out!

Are The Vikings At A Turning Point?

Yes, they are, and they better figure out which way to go. Play dominant football or implode against good defenses.

Vikings vs Cowboys | The Final Score

The Minnesota Vikings get blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 40-3. What a difference a week makes. React with us!