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Gentlemen, Football Has Been Saved In Minnesota

There is hope for football in Minnesota yet!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Day Two Open Thread

Day Two of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Day One Open Thread

It's March Madness time, folks, and you can talk about all of the action right here!

The Most Miserable Sports City In America Is...

Seattle was named the most miserable sports city in America. Not even close.

An Update On Christopher Wilno's Fundraising Efforts

Christopher Wilno has surpassed the fundraising goal on his web page, but that doesn't mean that the battle is over.

Where I Propose We Attempt To Right A Super Bowl Wrong

A man from Oak Park, California attempted to raise money for a good cause before the Super Bowl this year. The effort failed through no fault of his own. . .and I'd like to try to change that.

Non-Football: Rob Neyer Leaves ESPN, Joins SB Nation

In one of the biggest days in company history, SB Nation has hired former ESPN baseball writer Rob Neyer.

Congratulations To Brittany Favre

Brett Favre's oldest daughter has announced that she has married her fiancee, Patrick. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: My Advice To You

The Vikings' two biggest rivals will square off today in the NFC Championship game. What's a Viking fan to do?

Non-Football: This One's For The Kids

The folks at NORAD have been tracking Santa every Christmas Eve for years. We're bringing you the link to Santa's trip here at The Daily Norseman.

Once Again, It Is Veterans Day

It's Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day in the United States and many other countries today.

If Jefferson Had Been a Vikings Fan

What if Thomas Jefferson had been a Vikings Fan? He would've written a Vikings Declaration of Independence, that's what!

What does 'SKOL' Mean?

Viking fans say 'Skol Vikings!' Ever wonder what 'skol' means? Now you will, if you read this story.

World Cup Open Thread: We're Ghana Win!

The Daily Norseman's got a fever. . .and the only prescription. . .is more World Cup Soccer! U.S.A. vs. Ghana, 1:30 PM Central.

Memorial Day, 2010

Today is Memorial Day.

Where We Talk About a Football Video Game Without the Word "Madden" in the Title

There's a new football game coming out in the next few weeks for the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. . .but is it doomed before it even hits the shelves?

Mullet Generator? There’s an App for That, Thanks to Jared Allen

This just in from the Jared Allen Is Awesome Department: The Mulleted One now has an iPhone app.

Very Large Mulleted Man to Host Cable Sports-Themed Clip Show

Minnesota's very own class clown Jared Allen is scheduled to host tonight's episode of "Sports Soup" on Versus.

Minnesota's Greatest Sporting Triumph

Minnesota connection to the Miracle on Ice

Reggie Bush, Eat Your Heart Out!

This story isn't football related at all--so sue me. But in a gesture of good karma, one of the Daily Norseman writers proposed to his girlfriend the day before the NFC Championship. Someone had to beat Reggie Bush to the punch, right?

Condolences to the Spielman Family

Happy Veterans Day, America

Happy Veterans Day, America

How to Celebrate Favre's Arrival? Goats

How did one Vikings fan decide to recognize the arrival of Brett Favre to her favorite team? Simple: She used her goat.

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July from the folks at The Daily Norseman!

Non-Football: Guess Who's Getting Promoted

Non-Football Talk: North Dakota Flooding

North Dakota is on the brink of something potentially catastrophic. Please keep the residents of the state in your thoughts and prayers.

Well, That's Over

An Update on Minnesota Sports

With nothing happening on the Purple People Eaters front, here's a quick look into the other Minnesota sports.

In Case You're Wondering Where I've Been

Merry Christmas, Viking Faithful!

And Now Entering the Octagon. . .Jermaine Wiggins?

Jermaine Wiggins is getting into mixed martial arts. Yes, that Jermaine Wiggins. Yes, those mixed martial arts.

Quick Valour-IT Update

Where Gonzo Talks About Project Valour-IT 2008

Please donate to Project Valour-IT 2008. Fundraising kicks off today.

Happy Veterans Day, America

Happy Halloween from The Daily Norseman!

Congratulations to the Minnesota Twins