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Norse Code

Norse Code

All of the episodes of our Podcast, Norse Code, put together by Arif Hasan and James Pogatshnik.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 481: No One is Panicking (With Guest Michael Peterson)

Arif and James are back to preview the Chargers game with head editor at Bolts from the Blue Michael Peterson. We discuss these cursed franchises, go over the arrivals of Dalton Risner and Cam Akers, and discuss panic trades/signings and if this qualifies.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 480: It IS Philadelphia

Arif and James return for a quick-review of the Vikings loss to the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. We go over the fumbles, the run defense, KJ Osborne, and all the other things that we want to throw away this week. We also go over Jefferson vs. Slay, the pass defense, the play of Cousins, and the fight of this team down the stretch.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 479: Facts are Irrelevant (with guest Ben Natan)

Arif and James are back to discuss the loss to Tampa Bay, to preview the Eagles Thursday Night matchup with Ben Natan, and to figure out who would be the best (read: funniest) QB to take over to Aaron Rodgers in New York.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 478: Unique and Ironic Ways (With Guest JC Allen)

Arif and James return to preview the first regular season matchup with Bucs reporter JC Allen! We also go over the contract extensions of TJ Hockenson and Josh Metellus, the Chiefs/Lions game, and our mailbag as well. All the info you could need going into the first football weekend of the year!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 477: Surprise Makes and Surprise Cuts

Arif and James are back to discuss the 53 man roster cut downs! We talk about the surprises and what to expect moving forward. We also discuss the expected contracts coming down soon and what would a successful defensive year for the Vikings look like.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 476: Two Truths and a Lie

Arif and James are back to review the preseason game against the Titans. We go over expected the expected WR depth, Lewis Cine, and AI in sports reporting.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 475: Closer to Correct

Arif and James return to review the loss to the Seahaws in the preseason. We go over player performances, camp, free agent visits, and what to do when the police steal your car.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 474: We Were Meant To Live For So Much More

Norse Code is back to celebrate our 10th year anniversary! We cover the Hunter contract, training camp, Kirk Cousins on Netflix, the Secret Base first episode of the history of the Minnesota Vikings and so much more! We also have a number of special guests on to wish us well or apologize for everything!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 473: The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Arif and James are back to talk about the Danielle Hunter holdout and when no news means bad news. We also go over potential replacements, adjustments for JJ moving forward, the perfect fullback, and whichepisode of the Adventures of Pete and Pete is the best?

Norse Code Podcast Episode 472: The Kensington Runestone

Arif and James are back to discuss the departure of Dalvin Cook, the Danielle Hunter contract, JJ not holding out, and the power of precognition. We also go over "ethics in sports journalism" and why Diggs is the way he is.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 471: Program Change (Crisis of Faith)

Arif and James are back and changing it up a bit with a program change due to a crisis of faith. We go over the trade of Za’Darius Smith to the Browns, the decision that will need to be made on Dalvin Cook, famous misses in Norse Code draft coverage, and replacing kickers with Trebuchets.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 470: The Raffle (Part 2)

Arif and James are back with the mailbag for episode 470! We talk about the consensus big board, the possible Cousins extension, jewelery, and the dangers of entering into a raffle.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 470: History-Making Performance (Part 1)

Arif and James are back to discuss the 2023 Vikings draft and how the consensus board did this year! We go over all of the picks and a few of the UDFAs that could make a difference this year. Also this episode is split up due to the length. Like last year we will post the mailbag later this week!

Episode 469: The 2023 Draft Spectacular (with guests Thor Nystrom and Cory Kinnan)

Norse Code returns for our big draft show of the year! We’ve brought on Thor Nystrom (Draft Analyst for FantasyPros) and Cory Kinnan (Daft on Draft and Brownswire) to talk all about the 2023 NFL Draft and what to look for. Arif and James also go over favorite Vikings draft busts and potential reaches.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 468: Buying the Dip

Arif and James are back to discuss the CJ Ham extension and how he’ll clearly be used now that the team has invested money into the fullback position. We also discuss players that aren’t as important to the team such as Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, Duke Shelley, Marcus Davenport, and more!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 467: The First 48 Hours

Arif and James are back to discuss the free agency releases, signings, and returns! We also go over the Rodgers decision, moves that should have been made, and being petty on social media.

Norse Code Episode 466: Taking a Scooter to Dinner (with guest Jon Ledyard)

Arif and James are back to discuss the franchise tags and cuts around the league including Eric Kendricks. We also go over the Lamar Jackson situation, discuss the NFL combine with Jon Ledyard of the Audibles & Analytics Podcast, and Arif rides a scooter to dinner. This episode went a little long but you’re absolutely rewarded when you reach the final question of the mailbag!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 465: The Cookies Were Delicious

Arif and James are back to discuss rebuilding the Vikings defense, a potential Cousins extension, the Cook surgery, and more!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 464: Making the Case

Arif and James are back to discuss the hiring of Brian Flores! We also go over Super Bowl media week, players we should target from Flores’ past, and the top 5 destinations for a darkness retreat.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 463: It Wasn’t Sustainable (with DrawPlayDave)

Arif and James are joined by a special guest as they go over the loss to the Giants and look to the future on tough roster decisions.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 462: The Confirmation Bias Bowl

Arif and James are back to preview the Wild Card matchup between the Giants and the Vikings! We go over what worked and what didn’t three weeks ago and if the newly healthy defense for the Giants will be able to stop the Minnesota offense. We also go discuss possible Donatell replacements, Arif’s debate corner, and #meowgate.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 461: Twin Peaks with Football Players

Arif and James discuss the victory over the Bears and the Lions ending the Packers season in spectacular fashion.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 460: Complimenting Nathan Peterman (with guest Lorin Cox)

Arif does an interview with Locked On Bears’ Lorin Cox and discusses all things Nathan Peterman.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 459: Forward Regression

Arif and James talk about the Damar Hamlin injury and recap the loss to the Packers - (28:50) Packers Review

Norse Code Podcast Episode 458: The Fraudcast (with guest Justis Mosqueda)

Arif and James are back with Justis Mosqueda to preview the Packers game. We also review the victory over the Giants, look at JJ’s season compared to the all-time great three year WR performances over the years, and debate if this the stupidest Vikings team of all time (in a lovable sort of way).

Norse Code Podcast Episode 457: Reclaiming Our Linear Super Bowl Trophy (with guest NYGDaily)

Arif and James are back to preview the Giants game with Weis from NY Giants Daily. We go over the Christmas eve matchup, the remaining unsustainable ways for the Vikings to win, and The National Firearms Act of 1936.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 456: The Greatest Comeback in NFL History

Arif and James are back to talk about the victory over the Colts and the historical implications. We also go over KJ as WR2, signing a QB as a mascot of sorts, and the Bolsharif movement.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 455: Saturday’s Performance (with guest Chris Shepherd)

Arif and James are back to preview the Colts game with Stampede Blue’s Chris Sheppard. We discuss their woes on offense, Mattison vs. Cook, and talk about the Raiders cheating on special teams.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 454: Undiagnosed Phobias

Arif and James are back to review the loss to the Lions. We talk extensively about the failures on defense, the record day by Jefferson, and if the team can right the ship by the playoffs. We also go over the mailbag and Jalen Raegor’s guarantee.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 453: A Sticky Situation (with guest Jeremy Reisman)

Arif and James are back to preview the Lions game with friend of the show Jeremy Reisman of the PODcast. We also go over the Rams victory over the Raiders, point differentials between this year and last, and if Giselle is an extremely gifted roboticist.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 452: The Regret of Believing

Arif and James are back to discuss the sustainability of instability and the win over the Jets! We go over the hits from Cousins, the MASH unit that makes up the Vikings corners, and visit the mailbag’s occult corner for the final time.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 451: The Sins of the Father (w/ guest @Playlikeajet1)

Arif and James are back to preview the Jets game with Scott Mason from the Play Like a Jet podcast! We also go over defensive cap hits, backup QB usage over the years, and if it’s worth winning a Super Bowl if your QB is a terrible person.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 450: Estoy Lista Para la Angustia de Nuevo

Arif and James are back to discuss the Thanksgiving win over the Patriots! We discuss how Cousins took over the game, what the corners look like for the Vikings for the remainder of the season, and the death of the narrative that the Packers can make the playoffs.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 448: Finding Your Inner Keenum (Live from Union 32 - II)

Arif and James and a packed Union 32 Craft House are here to preview the Cowboys game! We go over both sides of the ball, cursed items, and Ham. A special thank you to everyone who came out to Union 32 for the show. You guys were amazing. A special thank you to all of our listeners, to Union 32 Craft House for hosting us, Pro Football Network, Alyssa, and our Patreon people who continually make these sorts of events possible.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 447: Bringing You Down To Our Level

Arif and James are back to review the victory over the Bills! We go over the twists and turns of the game, the crazy near-endings, and where this ranks in Vikings crazy game history. We also discuss if it’s time to break the glass, situational football, and mutants.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 446: Regression to the Moon (with guest Victoria)

Arif and James are back to preview the Bills game and continue to ask the theme of this year’s team - are the Vikings good? We also cover Diggs vs. Jefferson, retirement and expensive contracts, actual goats, and blood elves.


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