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Norse Code

All of the episodes of our Podcast, Norse Code, put together by Arif Hasan and "El Dusto."

Norse Code Podcast Episode 262: Go Colgate Raiders! (With Guest Danny Kelly)

James and former Seahawks Blogger Arif Hasan are here for another episode of Norse Code. Special guest and friend of the show Danny Kelly is here to break down all things Seahawks including their surprising offensive line, the scrambling of Russell Wilson, and Kirk Cousins’ chances against them.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 261: Checking Down (and Out)

Norse Code Podcast Episode 260: Pronounced Patriots (with guest Brian Phillips)

Arif, James, and special guest Brian Phillips of Pats Pulpit are here to discuss the upcoming matchup against the New England Patriots! We go over matchups, Brady’s potential decline, and the coaching style of Bill Belichick. Also featured is another murder mystery suspenseful thriller of a mailbag question from DonfromOhio.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 259: Post-Turkey and Post-Packers

James and Arif are back to talk about a great win for the Minnesota Vikings over the Green Bay Packers! We go over gutsy calls, great defense, and our lack of play action. We also discuss James’ terrible life choices and Linval being "something special."

Norse Code Podcast Episode 258: Respecting the Reality of Time Itself

James and Arif are here for the annual Thanksgiving episode to discuss the Vikings’ turkey and their loss to the Bears. Arif also glows in the sadness of Carson Wentz, previews the Packers game, and we go full foodie for a good portion of the mailbag. Enjoy your holiday and the questionable meals that come with it!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 257: Surprisingly Dangerous Bears with Lorin Cox

Norse Code Podcast Episode 256: Yakkity Sacks

James and Arif return to discuss the victory over the Lions and the resulting sack-fest! They also reserve some time to talk about raptors, medical malpractice and changing schemes.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 255: When It Rains It Pours

James and Arif return to discuss the loss to the New Orleans Saints and the trades around the league. Also discussed: when to freak out on an airplane and the number one "Vikings Killer".

Norse Code Podcast Episode 254: Escape from New Jersey (2018)

Arif and James are finishing up in NYC and wanted to give you a review episode before a busy week of travel prevents us from having another taping. So we stopped into a nice bar south of Harlem and recorded our initial impressions of the Jets game. We extensively talk defense, the run game, and which pizzas were worth the trip. A special thanks to everyone we met and interacted with this week. It was a ton of fun and it was so great to meet all of you. Keep spreading the word about Norse Code and we’ll keep pumping out new episodes! Also special thanks to The Rochard NYC. You can visit their website here:

Norse Code Podcast Episode 253: Live from Bar None NYC

Arif, James, and our audience at Bar None are here to talk the upcoming Jets game. We go over the matchups, the salty New York Post, and an in-person mailbag! Producers note: The audio was not great near the end. The DJ was told to keep the music low in our area and by the end ignored the request. But we made due and had an absolute blast. Thank you New York for welcoming us and thank you to Bar None for the shirts, the space to record, and for being awesome. Also a special thanks to those in attendance - #alldayvius

Norse Code Podcast Episode 252: The Field Takes Another Knee

Arif and James are here to recap the victory (with a price) over the Arizona Cardinals! We talk about the sudden emergence of the run game and Brian O’Neill, Adam Thielen being seemingly unstoppable, and dead arm-ing it. We also revisit our discussion on last year’s Vikings QBs in a "Where Are They Now"-type segment.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 251: When the Punter is your MVP... (with guest Blake Allen Murphy)

Arif and James preview the Arizona Cardinals game with friend of the show Blake Allen Murphy. We talk about the pros and cons of just burning 17 millions dollars, the Vikings equivalent of the Jimmy Butler situation, and what Arif claims lead to his famous "collapse in coverage."

Norse Code Podcast Episode 250: Ugly But Useful

Norse Code Podcast Episode 249: Be a Man feat. Michael Kist of Bleeding Green Nation Radio

It’s time to talk Philadelphia Eagles with Arif, James, and special guest Michael Kist of Bleeding Green Nation. We discuss both sides of the ball, if Wentz is slipping, and stories about the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 248: Breaking Down the Breakdown

Arif and James return to discuss every aspect of the Minnesota Vikings 2018 defense and all of their problems. Included are solutions to the Anthony Barr issues (he might not be as big of an issue as you might think), the offensive line, and potentially the Vikings running game. Also Mitch Trubisky can throw left now (and seemed to be doing it to prove a point on Sunday) so we commiserate in Arif’s claim to fame.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 247: A Work In Progress (feat. Joe McAtee of Turf Show Times)

Arif and James are back for a double episode to discuss whatever that was that happened against the Buffalo Bills. It sort of qualified as football, I suppose. We also break down the Thursday night game against the Los Angeles Rams with friend of the show Joe McAtee from the Turf Show Times! He’s a fantastic guest that we’ve had on before and really enjoy. Also discussed is the Everson Griffen story.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 255: Previewing the Bills with Matthew Fairburn

Arif, James, and special guest Matthew Fairburn are here to preview the Buffalo Bills game and figure out where it all went wrong in Buffalo. We talk about Nathan Peterman, Vonate Davis, and the tanking/trading that backfired them into a playoff spot last year.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 254: Kicked Out In Green Bay

The tie happened and Arif and James are looking in Mike Priefer’s general direction. Time to discuss that the Packers looked good, Cousins looked great at times, and that one penalty Green Bay fans can’t shut up about. We take a deep dive at the game and discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ THREE newest signings (Bailey, Tom Johnson, Aldrick Robinson). All this and the mailbag on this episode of Norse Code!

Norse Code Episode 244: How to Beat a T-1000 (with almost-guest Michelle Bruton)

James and Arif are here to preview the Minnesota Vikings-Green Bay Packers game with the help of a guest...kind of. Due to technical issues that always happen during the Green Bay shows (We blame YOU Justis) our interview with Michelle Bruton didn’t save but we referenced it a ton and previewed it again ourselves. She’s an excellent follow so please give check out her writing.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 234: Sam Bradford Eyes

The Minnesota Vikings win against the San Francisco 49ers and Arif and James are here to break it down. We discuss Satan’s Crowbar (Harrison Smith), the inconsistent Kirk Cousins, and the Halloween sequel they finished filming in Green Bay on Sunday night. Remember - the monster never really dies. Should someone be allowed to QB a team that wouldn’t legally be allowed to drive home that night? And we also check in on the former Vikes qbs around the league and debate which one had the best week (hint: the one that didn’t have to play).

Norse Code Podcast Episode 242: Limited Success (with guest Evan Sowards)

Arif and James are ready for the regular season and now so are you! We cover the 53 man roster, the Minnesota Vikings-San Francisco 49er’s game, the signing of Kahlil Mack, the release of Robison, the retirement of Newman, and much more! Special guest this week is Evan Sowards of Also on this week’s show we discuss the fine Japanese food and drinks found at the Izakaya Ronin restaurant in Denver.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 241: The Saltiest Kicker

Arif and James take time away from this MPR pledge-drive to talk to you about the Minnesota Vikings victory over the Seattles Seahawks! Lots to break down including the offensive line, chemistry (or lack-thereof), and the Vikings going against our advice last week with the kicker battle. Salt! Salt! Salt! Where’s the damned salt! I

Norse Code Podcast Episode 240: The Correct Pronunciation with Ben Baldwin

James and Arif are back to discuss the upcoming Seahawks preseason game with The Athletic’s Ben Baldwin. We go in depth on their roster changes, their offensive line woes, and how a lack of innovation may be hindering them from being successful in the future.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 239: Athletic Sportswriters

James and Arif are here to discuss the sputtering offensive of the Minnesota Vikings against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Arif has a major announcement in the opening few minutes of the show, an amount of shade the size of an eclipse occurs from an unlikely source, and James is on PEDs. All this and a review of the Jags game.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 238: The Season of Upbeat Arif

Upbeat Arif and Realistic James are back to discuss the Minnesota Vikings win over the Broncos in the preseason. Lots of discussion on the game, training camp, and the upcoming Jags matchups (camp practices AND the Saturday game).

Norse Code Podcast Episode 237: Rumors and Innuendo

James and Arif return to talk about a rumor Mike Zimmer seemingly started, a rumor that Zimmer seemingly squashed, training camp updates, and the upcoming preseason game in Denver!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 236: Back to Work

In this super-long episode of Norse Code, we cover Minnesota Vikings training camp, Stefon Diggs’ contract, the Detroit Lions offseason, Vikings coffee and beef tongue. Settle in.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 235: Surviving a Bear Attack (Training Camp Preview)

Arif and James are back to talk about bears, the Bears, and the Minnesota Vikings! Training camp is almost upon us so it’s time to preview the yearly Training Camp Guide. Also Mike Hughes signs and we talk our offensive line to death. Let’s get ready to go to camp!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 234: The Bangladeshi Beefcake

James and Arif talk about the contract extension accepted by young Vikings star Danielle Hunter and what this means for Diggs/Barr. We also discuss the Packers offseason and the moral implications of covering up a murder by Arif.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 233: The Hater 100

James and Arif return to give an overview of the desert that is the offseason news! We discuss a great new venture the NFL should look into to replace/supplement the NFL 100, new ideas for fantasy football, and where to dine in the greater Minneapolis area (Lake Street Target vs. Knollwood Target - Who you got?).

Norse Code Podcast Episode 232: Should We Have Done Literally Anything Else?

Norse Code Podcast Episode 231: NFL Draft Appetizer with Climbing the Pocket’s Jordan Reid

Arif and James are back with special guest Jordan Reid to discuss the final looks before the 2018 NFL Draft. We get his takes on the QBs, the Vikings’ options at 30 and turkey.


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