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The Daily Norseman's Minnesota Vikings Twitter List

This list is current as of 17 Jun 2020, and is based on our original post. Enjoy!

There are a lot of folks out there that use the Twitter to follow various folks, such as celebrities and athletes and so forth. As you probably know, there are a lot of members of our favorite football team that you can keep track of on Twitter as well. But it might be a bit time consuming for you to track everyone down, and if you do, who knows if you missed anybody, am I right?

Well, I’m going to do my best to remedy that, ladies and gentlemen. After the jump, I’m going to give you most of what you need in order to keep track of all your favorite Minnesota Vikings on Twitter. . .not just the players, but some other folks connected with the organization, too.

Naturally, the first thing that you do is follow us at @DailyNorseman. Follow that shortly thereafter by following Eric (@eric_j_thompson), Mark (@MarkSP18), Arif (@ArifHasanNFL), wludford (@wludford), Sarita Kelly (@sareetakel), and Michael Zahorsky (@mikezahorsky).

Also, make sure you are following the Climbing the Pocket (@Climb_ThePocket) crew for the latest on all of our podcasts: Jayson Brown (@brownjayson), Yinka Ayinde (@saxyprince), Myles Gorham (@MylesGorham85), David Stefano (@Luft_Krigare), Flipmazzi (@Flipmazzi), Edwin von Brodmarkle (@Nemock7), and Nick Olson (@NickOlsonNFL).

Beyond that, here is a list of all of the Vikings-related folks that I currently have on my list at The Daily Norseman's official Twitter feed. If I'm missing any that you folks have and I don't, feel free to add them into the comments section and I'll tack them on to the list here.

Vikings Players

Minnesota Vikings 2020 Draft Class

Practice Squad


Vikings Media

Former Vikings

Other Vikings Personnel

And I think that's pretty much everyone I've got on my list. Like I said, if I missed anybody, put them in the comments section and I'll add them to the list here.

I hope this helps everybody out so that you can follow all your favorite Vikings on Twitter and get the latest news. Well, outside of the latest news you get from us, anyway.