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Two Old Bloggers

Two Old Bloggers

Vikings’ Playoff Positioning, Brian Flores’ Mastery, and Vikings vs Saints Preview

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, we explore the Vikings’ dramatic comeback into playoff contention after a shaky start to the season, discuss the impactful role of defensive coordinator Brian Flores, and provide a detailed preview of the upcoming clash with the Saints. SKOL!

Are You Ready?… For Jaren Hall & the Vikings at Falcons Preview

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, hosts Darren and Dave discuss the Vikings’ quarterback situation following Kirk Cousins’ injury, including the potential of Jaren Hall as the new starter. They also analyze the team’s recent trade deals involving Josh Dobbs and Ezra Cleveland, providing their thoughts on the implications of these moves. Finally, they preview the upcoming game against the Falcons, emphasizing the potential turning point it could represent for the Vikings, depending on Hall’s performance. SKOL!

Vikings’ Offensive Challenges & Previewing the 49ers Game

In the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive deep into the struggles of the Vikings’ offense without Justin Jefferson, propose solutions for improvement, and preview the upcoming game against the 49ers. Don’t miss out on this Purple-packed episode! SKOL!

Vikings at Bears Preview, Life Without Justin Jefferson & Trade Deadline Speculations

On this Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the impact of Justin Jefferson’s absence on the Minnesota Vikings and explore potential trade scenarios for the team. They also preview the Vikings vs Bears game and analyze the key matchups to watch. Join us for an insightful and engaging discussion on the latest happenings in the Vikingsland! SKOL!

Have the Vikings Fixed Their Running Game? | The Davenport Effect | Vikings vs Chiefs Pregame

Join the Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave diving into the Vikings’ running game, analyzing if it has been fixed after a slow start. They also discuss the impact of Marcus Davenport on the defense and preview the Vikings’ upcoming game against the Chiefs. Join them as they break down these topics and provide insightful analysis. Don’t miss out on the latest insights and predictions from Two Old Bloggers! SKOL!

Why is the Vikings' Defense Still Offensive? Plus, Vikings vs. Panthers Game Preview

Join Darren and Dave in this engaging episode of Two Old Bloggers as they dive into the struggles of the Vikings' defense under Brian Flores. Explore the lack of adjustments, disappointing results, and the need for additional talent. Discover the potential demotion of Alexander Mattison and the arrival of Cam Akers. Get a comprehensive preview of the upcoming Vikings vs. Panthers game, including matchups, key players, and coaching decisions. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion about the state of the Minnesota Vikings! SKOL!

Can Dalton Risner save the O-line as we pregame the Vikings vs. Chargers

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the potential impact of Dalton Risner joining the Vikings as they gear up to face the Chargers. They also touch on the recent trade for running back Cam Akers and the aggressive defensive approach under Brian Flores. Plus, a game preview of the Vikings vs. Chargers matchup. Tune in for all the latest insights and analysis! SKOL!

It Was A Hall Of A Game - Vikings vs Cardinals PS3 Reactions

On the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave breaks down the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason finale against the Arizona Cardinals. They discuss standout performances from Jaren Hall and DeWayne McBride, the battle for receiver depth spots, and the tough roster decisions facing the Vikings. SKOL!

Did you see it? Vikings vs Titans PS2 reactions

Check out the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren and Dave as they break down the Vikings vs Titans PS2 game and discuss standout performances and potential roster contenders! From DeWayne McBride’s improved performance to Jaren Hall’s ability to move the offense, this episode offers a unique perspective on your Minnesota Vikings. Tune in for engaging and informative content that will keep you entertained.

Vikings Preseason Winners and Losers, Kareem Hunt Visits, and Kirk Cousins’ Future

On this week’s episode of "Two Old Bloggers", Darren and Dave discuss the Vikings’ preseason game, winners and losers, and the surprising visit of Kareem Hunt. They also profile Kirk Cousins as a 2024 free agent and speculate on the team’s future at quarterback. Check it out! SKOL!

Return of Vikings Football - Preseason Preview

Join Darren and Dave on the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers as they discuss the latest Vikings training camp tidbits, potential signings, and the team’s upcoming preseason game. The hosts provide expert insights into standout performances, K.J. Osborn’s upcoming free agency, and the impact of rookie Jordan Addison on the Vikings’ offense. Don’t miss out on their insider knowledge and unique perspective on the team’s current state and future potential. Tune in now to stay informed on the latest developments in Vikings land! SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Securing Danielle Hunter & Inspiring Cousins Speech

Don’t miss the latest from Two Old Bloggers! Find out how the Vikings secured their top pass rusher and how Kirk Cousins’ inspiring speech brought the team together. Plus, a 2024 free agent spotlight on Josh Metellus. SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Training Camp, Addison & His Need For Speed, & Oh Those Classics!

Join Dave on Two Old Bloggers as he discusses the recent reckless driving incident of Vikings’ first-round draft pick Jordan Addison and the excitement over the team’s new classic jerseys. Plus, get a sneak peek into what competitions to look out for during training camp! SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Cousins on Netflix, Hockenson Greatness, Wonnum’s Fate, & More!

The Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave, discuss T.J. Hockenson’s potential to have the greatest season by a Vikings tight end ever! Plus, they cover rumors about Dalvin Cook’s offer, Justin Jefferson’s QB list, Kirk Cousins on Netflix’ "Quarterback’, and take a closer look at free agent D.J. Wonnum. Don’t miss out on all things Vikings football! SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Mattison’s Breakout, Cleveland’s Fate, & Defense Redemption

In this episode, the Two Old Bloggers dive into the current state of the Minnesota Vikings, discussing the running back situation and the potential for Alexander Mattison as the team’s #1 running back. They also explore Ezra Cleveland’s future with the team as he enters the final year of his rookie contract and the team’s need for improvement on defense if they hope to make a deep playoff run. Join the conversation and hear the hosts’ insightful analysis and predictions for the upcoming season. SKOL!

Vikings Controversial, Really?! Florio & Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook & KOC, & Danielle Hunter’s Impasse

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave goes solo with you to discuss the latest controversial Minnesota Vikings news and statements from the week. Join us for updates and analysis on the extension of Justin Jefferson’s contract, Dalvin Cook’s frustration with Kevin O’Connell’s scheme, and the rumors surrounding Danielle Hunter’s potential release or trade. Don’t miss out! #SKOL!

Vikings Minicamp Fact or Fiction?

Check out the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers! Darren and Dave discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ recent minicamp and the ongoing contract situation with Danielle Hunter. Plus, they highlight the potential impact of rookie cornerback Mekhi Blackmon. Tune in to Two Old Bloggers for more updates and analysis throughout the season! #SKOL!

Dalvin Cook is Gone & Danielle Hunter’s Uncertain Vikings Future

Check out the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers! Darren and Dave dive into Dalvin Cook’s release, the Minnesota Vikings’ running back situation, and Danielle Hunter’s uncertain future as a pass rusher. They also discuss the promising safety, Jay Ward. Tune in for expert analysis and insights! #SKOL!

Vikings’ OTA Developments & More

Get the latest scoop on the Minnesota Vikings’ OTA practices with the Two Old Bloggers! In the latest episode, they share their insights on player personnel moves and a spotlight on draftee Jaquelin Roy, a defensive tackle out of LSU. They also discuss the top cornerbacks, recent developments in the safety lineup, and the absence of Justin Jefferson, likely due to contract negotiations. With the Vikings’ defense coming together nicely, Jaquelin Roy’s potential to shine in a defensive line that lacks depth is worth watching.

Is There Still a Chance for Dalvin Cook to Stay with the Vikings?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the future of Dalvin Cook with the Vikings, considering the team’s recent social media releases and communication with Cook during the offseason. They also identify two Vikings players with bullseyes on them: Marcus Davenport and Ed Ingram. Finally, they take a closer look at Vikings draftee Jaren Hall, a quarterback from BYU. Overall, the hosts provide in-depth analysis and insight into several key topics related to your Minnesota Vikings.

Morphing into a SKOL’ing With Friends with Justin Day - Is Dalvin Cook Worth it?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers which morphed into a SKOL’ing With Friends show, Justin and Dave discuss the potential risks and benefits of keeping Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, as well as the team’s defensive line struggles and possible solutions. They also touch on the state of the NFC and upcoming shows on the Vikings First and SKOL network. The conversation includes references to various NFL players and teams, as well as personal anecdotes and stories.

Za’Darius Smith Traded to Browns: Did Kwesi Do the Right Thing?

The Vikings completed their draft two weeks ago. We’ve been thinking about Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s picks and what they say about his view of the cornerbacks. The Vikings and DC Brian Flores believe that Byron Murphy, Andrew Booth Jr., and Akayleb Evans will all play important roles in 2023. During an interview on the Vikings Entertainment Network, safety Lewis Cine was asked what fans should expect from the defense in 2023 with Flores as the DC. He replied that the defense will be fast, aggressive, and all-out malice. Joe Kapp, the first Latino football player to take a team to the Super Bowl and known as the "toughest Chicano", passed away at 85 years old.

Who is the NFC North’s Best QB After the Aaron Rodgers Trade?

Two Old Bloggers with Darren and Dave are back! Get the latest take on the Minnesota Vikings and NFC North, including Aaron Rodgers’ trade, Kirk Cousins’ future, and rookie DeWayne McBride. Don’t miss out!

Two Old Bloggers : The Vikings Draft in 2023

Check out the latest from "Two Old Bloggers" where Darren and Dave talk about the draft that was. The Minnesota Vikings had an uneventful draft, but still added promising players like Jordan Addison and addressed their cornerback position with Blackmon and Ward. Jaren Hall, a developmental quarterback, was also added. Undrafted free agents Ivan Pace Jr. and Andre Carter II could surprise many.

 2023 NFL Draft Day 3 The Minnesota Vikings select… A Quarterback and More!

Check out the latest from "Two Old Bloggers" where Darren, Dave, and Tyler recap the Minnesota Vikings’ picks in rounds 4-7 of the 2023 NFL draft. Hear their thoughts on the controversial fifth-round QB pick, Jaren Hall, and more!

The Minnesota Vikings’ First Round In The Books

The Minnesota Vikings made a bold move in the 2023 NFL Draft by selecting USC WR Jordan Addison at #23. Fans and analysts are divided, but one thing is for sure: the Vikings are making moves to stay competitive. What’s in store for day 2?

Could the Trey Lance to Minnesota Vikings rumor be true?

Could those rumors be true? Could Trey Lance head to Minnesota to become a Viking? Darren and Dave break down the possibility along with a look at Joejuan Williams and a whole bunch of 2023 NFL Draft targets on this episode of 2OB.

Adofo-Mensah & O’Connell Discuss 2023 NFL Draft: Vikings Draft Plans & More

The Vikings’ cornerback cupboard is half full and the team will target at least one in the draft, but where? Does Kwesi have a type? Darren and Dave break down the team’s press conference and answer viewer questions on this 2OB.

Minnesota Vikings’ 2023 Draft Pick Options: Why Trading Down is the Best Choice

Darren and Dave provide valuable insights into the Vikings’ draft strategy, highlighting the importance of acquiring additional picks and the impact of trading draft picks for established players. They provide a balanced analysis of the Vikings’ options and offer a thoughtful perspective on what the team should do in the upcoming draft. Trading down usually wins in getting value & we know Kwesi Adofo-Mensah likes trades, but will it be the right move? Let us know what you think!

Two Old Bloggers : Can Kevin O’Connell Be Great?

In this show, Darren and Dave analyze the Minnesota Vikings’ roster and potential, including a discussion about head coach Kevin O’Connell’s potential to be great. They also address depth concerns at cornerback and disappointment in the current talent level of the defensive line. Is it justified? Tune in for engaging analysis and insights on all things Vikings.

Kwesi Said What About Kirk Cousins?

There is only one quarterback under contract for the Vikings. That means there will be some moves to get more. How Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell do that will be fascinating to watch. Free agency is quickly approaching, the NFL Combine is underway and Kwesi speaks. How will you interpret his quotes?

Should I Stay Or Should Go: Dalvin Tomlinson

This week in Vikings land on Two Old Bloggers Darren and Dave take a look at the mutual interest that has developed between the organization and Dalvin Tomlinson. Do they bring him back?

Can Brian Flores Fix The Vikings Defense?

Our first impressions of Brian Flores and what he’ll bring to the Vikings’ defense were good. What changes will come of it? In the State of the Vikings series, Darren and Dave break down the tight end room. Should the Vikings draft one? This and more on this episode of 2OB. SKOL!

The State of the O-Line & The Vikings Got Their Man

Brian Flores was hired and the defense will be fixed, right? It might not happen immediately, but changing it to "multiples" and cranking the aggression knob to 11 will be fun to watch. On the other side, how will the 2023 O-line look and will Adam Thielen continue his Minnesota story? SKOL!

Vikings’ Running Backs & The DC search

Deep thoughts on the running back room, the defensive coordinator search, and the young talent on display at the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game were all broken down by Darren and Dave with you. SKOL!

Offensive Player of the Year?

Trading Dannielle Hunter to get assets to rebuild the defense, does that make sense? Darren and Dave debate that and more. First a defensive coordinator update, then admiration for Justin Jefferson’s fantastic 2022 season. It was so enjoyable! SKOL!