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Two Old Bloggers

Two Old Bloggers

Vikings vs Lions - We Expect Better

On this episode of 2OB, with much gnashing of teeth after the humiliating loss at the hands of the Eagles, the Vikings take on the Lions in a key NFC North matchup. Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano will look into what to expect, and we expect better! Join us. SKOL!

Vikings vs Eagles - Ready Again?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren finally gets a chance to rejoice in the week 1 victory over TTFW [the Packers] and we together look at the Monday Night matchup with the Eagles. It should be a rockin’ preview. Join us! #SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers - Are You Ready?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, join Dave and his outstanding partner in football, Darren, as they get you pumped for the week 1 border battle. Will the Purple and new HC Kevin O’Connell mark the end of Green Bay’s dominance? Hell yes! Let’s do this! SKOL!

How do You Like Kwesi Now?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive into all the moves made by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah along with Kevin O’Connell to cut the roster to 53, then build a practice squad on top of that. There were moves and more moves, some expected, and others unconventional. Let’s look at why. SKOL!

Playing For Vikings Careers

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers , Darren and Dave look at each position group in detail. To predict the entire 53-man roster, from the trade for Nick Mullens to backup Kirk Cousins. The rosters will stay pretty much the same as predicted. A reprieve will only be granted if there are injuries during the game. SKOL!

Backward Steps

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers , what we saw in the Vikings vs 49ers game with position battles on the line was telling. So much so that this morning as this is getting posted, the Vikings announced a trade with the Raiders for backup quarterback Nick Mullens. All is good now, right? Is it time to R-E-L-A-X, as Aaron Rodgers put it? SKOL!

Mond, Mond, Mond

Why should you listen when you have results? Because after yesterday’s game in which the Vikings played the Raiders in week 1 of the preseason, there was some movement in the competition at various spots. In addition, the backup quarterback sometimes left a lot to be desired. You can learn how to watch the offensive line as a fan and expand your perspective beyond just tracking the ball. That’s why. SKOL!

Pads On at Vikings Training Camp

With the pads coming on, we got to hear about some hitting with my favorite linemen. Darren and Dave of Two Old Bloggers will hit on that ourselves along with the other happening this week. In addition, tennis might be the key to Kirk Cousins winning us the Super Bowl. SKOL!

Was Kwesi Wrong?

Darren and Dave are at again from Two Old Bloggers, talking about the Vikings training camp, our favorite rookies, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s too candid remarks, and pointing out how the Hall of Fame senior committee got it wrong once again. Football is heating up and we can’t wait for you to join the conversation. #SKOL!

The Day Before Vikings Training Camp

Darren and Dave dive into a primer for the favorite team’s training camp. Some spots are locked down, others will have to be fought for, and what about those that are lacking? Let’s talk some football! SKOL!

Run Stoppers & the Great Jim Marshall

Please join Dave and Darren Campbell an hour earlier than normal as we discuss Harrison "Horrible Harry" Phillips and run-stopping. We’ll also start looking at who will make the final roster and who won’t, based on information to date, premonitions, and flat-out educated or uneducated guesses. We’ll WAG it! Then Darren and Dave will make a case why Jim Marshall should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. He was the original Iron Man on a mighty Vikings team.

Osborn Leap?

2OB looks at if K.J. Osborn will take another leap in his level of play as he goes into his third season. Then ask who will be the punt returner in 2022? All this and a quick round of some open Vikings questions. Join us! SKOL!

Greatest Viking?

Darren and Dave get into the debate of who’s the greatest? Who do you think should be at the top of the list? Let’s get your SKOL on!

Is Dantzler the Best?

Darren and Dave look at your Minnesota Vikings and some storylines that came from it this week. This week we ask if Cameron Dantzler is the best corner on the team, at least for now? Is he? Let’s get your SKOL on!

“It’s Really Muddy”

Darren and Dave look at the end of spring training for your Minnesota Vikings and some storylines that came from it this week, including how Kirk Cousins describes the ability to read Ed Donatell’s defense, a Fangio derivative. Let’s get your SKOL on!

Churning & Burning

That awful injury bug has started to hit the favorite team and it is causing roster churning and burning of previous notional depth charts. Let’s get your SKOL on with 2OB!

A New Attitude

On Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss 3 themes: how energy can translate to more wins, what is the chance of a rookie head coach making it to the Super Bowl, and some hot button topics like Kellen Mond and Mike Zimmer drama. Let’s get your SKOL on!

Is Bradbury a Bust?

Darren and Dave dive into 3 themes: answering your questions, asking if Garrett Bradbury is a bust or the solution, then getting into your breakout player of the week, DT James Lynch. Let’s get your SKOL on!

Schedule Worries? | Two Old Bloggers

Darren and Dave dive into 3 themes: the schedule, the backup quarterback, and breakout player Cameron "The Needle" Dantzler. Let’s get your SKOL on!

Vikings’ Propaganda: Don’t Worry, Be Happy | Two Old Bloggers

No worries now. The bad man is gone. It was all the defense’s fault. All is good now. We’ll get future legends in the draft. Really? Join Darren and Dave as we debate on all the sunshine and roses coming from Egan and parts of the fan base.

Vikings Sneaky Draft Needs | Two Old Bloggers

The themes for today’s show with Darren and me on this Climbing The Pocket show are: 1) Stay at #12 or Trade down? 2) Vikings’ sneaky draft needs? 3) Til Valhalla. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk on Sunday!

“But Can He Play Guard?” | Two Old Bloggers

The themes for today’s show with Darren and me on this Climbing The Pocket show are 1) Kwesi and the ‘Competitive Rebuild’ - Quest for a Lombardi. 2) the second wave of free agency. 3) Vikings special teams. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk!

Competitive Rebuild | Two Old Bloggers

On today’s show, Darren and Dave will be talking about the Cousins extension, Vikings’ free agency so far, then a look back at the Stefon Diggs trade and how the Purple faired. Enjoy a Lake Monster Brew as Climbing The Pocket explains what a competitive rebuild is. Will it result in more wins?

Done Anything Yet? | Two Old Bloggers

Done anything yet? That’s what Minnesota Vikings fans are asking. The deadline to be cap compliant approaches quickly and moves must be made, but nothing as of yet. Then a look at the role tempo plays in an offensive attack, followed by the deep thoughts and deep dive into the present Vikings quarterback stable. Enjoy!

Vikings’ Quest For The Best | Two Old Bloggers

Your Vikings are on a quest for the best from the NFL Combine, in Free Agency, and within their own position groups. Darren and Dave break down portions of all 3, from who have the Vikes met with, which interior offensive linemen they might target in free agency, and wrap up looking at the current running back stable. Enjoy!

Vikings Introduce Staff - Changes Ahead? | Two Old Bloggers

The Vikings introduced the coordinators and we got a glimpse of a possible future where the will to want to win and the scheme to make it happen sounds so good. We finish up with a look into the wide receiver group and where it is going.

Vikings Welcome Coach! | Two Old Bloggers

Kevin O’Connell is introduced as the Vikings’ new head coach and holds his opening press conference. Darren and Dave discuss the takeaways, talk about rookie selection and development philosophies, then round it out with the tight end group. Will the Vikings draft one?

Vikings Staff Identified | Two Old Bloggers

Darren and Dave, the two old bloggers, are talking staff (and some schemes), is O’Connell the next Childress, and O-line. Do you like what is being reported on how everything is coming together?

The First Choice? Kevin O’Connell | Two Old Bloggers

What a great show we had! Darren was bringing the knowledge & insight today. Dave loved the deep thoughts on the D-linemen too, but he always like lineman talk on either side of the ball. The coach talk led things off though. Do you think the Vikings made the right choice?

Two Old Bloggers - Decision Time! HC & QB

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is the new Vikings GM and he has some decisions due soon, from a new head coach to what to do at the quarterback position. Darren and Dave are here to talk with you about it.

Two Old Bloggers - Finalists for GM, Not for HC

GM finalists, head coach candidates, offensive coordinators, and cornerbacks. We don’t need those, right?

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings Decisions, Time for Change

Darren and Dave talked about the decisions made and those needing to be made for the Minnesota Vikings. How it ended & where it’s going. Do we like it?

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Bears, The Dead Man Walking Bowl

What started as a pregame show is interrupted by the news of Mike Zimmer being released after the game. What game? Why the Vikings vs the Bears of course. From Daily Norseman & Climbing The Pocket, Darren joins Dave for GMG’s Two Old Bloggers to talk the news and the pregame.

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings at Packers

2OB will be looking forward to #Vikings vs #Packers. From Daily Norseman & Climbing The Pocket, Darren joins Dave for GMG’s Two Old Bloggers. From Cousins out to Zimmer’s swan song, is there any fight left?

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings at Bears

From Breeland being released to discussing the Vikings going to Soldier Field to play the Bears on Monday Night Football, Darren and Dave walk you through it.

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings at Lions

Dave and Darren take a look at the Vikings visiting the Lions. Late injury report news looks unfortunate and leads to Darren favoring the Lions? Really?!?


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