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Two Old Bloggers

Two Old Bloggers

Is There Still a Chance for Dalvin Cook to Stay with the Vikings?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the future of Dalvin Cook with the Vikings, considering the team’s recent social media releases and communication with Cook during the offseason. They also identify two Vikings players with bullseyes on them: Marcus Davenport and Ed Ingram. Finally, they take a closer look at Vikings draftee Jaren Hall, a quarterback from BYU. Overall, the hosts provide in-depth analysis and insight into several key topics related to your Minnesota Vikings.

Morphing into a SKOL’ing With Friends with Justin Day - Is Dalvin Cook Worth it?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers which morphed into a SKOL’ing With Friends show, Justin and Dave discuss the potential risks and benefits of keeping Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, as well as the team’s defensive line struggles and possible solutions. They also touch on the state of the NFC and upcoming shows on the Vikings First and SKOL network. The conversation includes references to various NFL players and teams, as well as personal anecdotes and stories.

Za’Darius Smith Traded to Browns: Did Kwesi Do the Right Thing?

The Vikings completed their draft two weeks ago. We’ve been thinking about Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s picks and what they say about his view of the cornerbacks. The Vikings and DC Brian Flores believe that Byron Murphy, Andrew Booth Jr., and Akayleb Evans will all play important roles in 2023. During an interview on the Vikings Entertainment Network, safety Lewis Cine was asked what fans should expect from the defense in 2023 with Flores as the DC. He replied that the defense will be fast, aggressive, and all-out malice. Joe Kapp, the first Latino football player to take a team to the Super Bowl and known as the "toughest Chicano", passed away at 85 years old.

Who is the NFC North’s Best QB After the Aaron Rodgers Trade?

Two Old Bloggers with Darren and Dave are back! Get the latest take on the Minnesota Vikings and NFC North, including Aaron Rodgers’ trade, Kirk Cousins’ future, and rookie DeWayne McBride. Don’t miss out!

Two Old Bloggers : The Vikings Draft in 2023

Check out the latest from "Two Old Bloggers" where Darren and Dave talk about the draft that was. The Minnesota Vikings had an uneventful draft, but still added promising players like Jordan Addison and addressed their cornerback position with Blackmon and Ward. Jaren Hall, a developmental quarterback, was also added. Undrafted free agents Ivan Pace Jr. and Andre Carter II could surprise many.

 2023 NFL Draft Day 3 The Minnesota Vikings select… A Quarterback and More!

Check out the latest from "Two Old Bloggers" where Darren, Dave, and Tyler recap the Minnesota Vikings’ picks in rounds 4-7 of the 2023 NFL draft. Hear their thoughts on the controversial fifth-round QB pick, Jaren Hall, and more!

The Minnesota Vikings’ First Round In The Books

The Minnesota Vikings made a bold move in the 2023 NFL Draft by selecting USC WR Jordan Addison at #23. Fans and analysts are divided, but one thing is for sure: the Vikings are making moves to stay competitive. What’s in store for day 2?

Could the Trey Lance to Minnesota Vikings rumor be true?

Could those rumors be true? Could Trey Lance head to Minnesota to become a Viking? Darren and Dave break down the possibility along with a look at Joejuan Williams and a whole bunch of 2023 NFL Draft targets on this episode of 2OB.

Adofo-Mensah & O’Connell Discuss 2023 NFL Draft: Vikings Draft Plans & More

The Vikings’ cornerback cupboard is half full and the team will target at least one in the draft, but where? Does Kwesi have a type? Darren and Dave break down the team’s press conference and answer viewer questions on this 2OB.

Minnesota Vikings’ 2023 Draft Pick Options: Why Trading Down is the Best Choice

Darren and Dave provide valuable insights into the Vikings’ draft strategy, highlighting the importance of acquiring additional picks and the impact of trading draft picks for established players. They provide a balanced analysis of the Vikings’ options and offer a thoughtful perspective on what the team should do in the upcoming draft. Trading down usually wins in getting value & we know Kwesi Adofo-Mensah likes trades, but will it be the right move? Let us know what you think!

Two Old Bloggers : Can Kevin O’Connell Be Great?

In this show, Darren and Dave analyze the Minnesota Vikings’ roster and potential, including a discussion about head coach Kevin O’Connell’s potential to be great. They also address depth concerns at cornerback and disappointment in the current talent level of the defensive line. Is it justified? Tune in for engaging analysis and insights on all things Vikings.

Kwesi Said What About Kirk Cousins?

There is only one quarterback under contract for the Vikings. That means there will be some moves to get more. How Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell do that will be fascinating to watch. Free agency is quickly approaching, the NFL Combine is underway and Kwesi speaks. How will you interpret his quotes?

Should I Stay Or Should Go: Dalvin Tomlinson

This week in Vikings land on Two Old Bloggers Darren and Dave take a look at the mutual interest that has developed between the organization and Dalvin Tomlinson. Do they bring him back?

Can Brian Flores Fix The Vikings Defense?

Our first impressions of Brian Flores and what he’ll bring to the Vikings’ defense were good. What changes will come of it? In the State of the Vikings series, Darren and Dave break down the tight end room. Should the Vikings draft one? This and more on this episode of 2OB. SKOL!

The State of the O-Line & The Vikings Got Their Man

Brian Flores was hired and the defense will be fixed, right? It might not happen immediately, but changing it to "multiples" and cranking the aggression knob to 11 will be fun to watch. On the other side, how will the 2023 O-line look and will Adam Thielen continue his Minnesota story? SKOL!

Vikings’ Running Backs & The DC search

Deep thoughts on the running back room, the defensive coordinator search, and the young talent on display at the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game were all broken down by Darren and Dave with you. SKOL!

Offensive Player of the Year?

Trading Dannielle Hunter to get assets to rebuild the defense, does that make sense? Darren and Dave debate that and more. First a defensive coordinator update, then admiration for Justin Jefferson’s fantastic 2022 season. It was so enjoyable! SKOL!

The 2022 Season: Success? Failure? Gone!

The season is over for your Minnesota Vikings so let’s evaluate the results, plus the latest news from Ed Donatell’s release to who might replace him. SKOL!

Giants vs Vikings in the Super Wild Card round

Cunningham to Cousins: Can Kirk do what Randall did? SKOL!

Vikings at Bears - O-line Change, O-line Worries

The guys get into the changes on the O-line and whether the Vikings should be sitting some starters and getting some young studs playing time on that Soldier Field turf versus the Bears. SKOL!

Vikings at Packers - Cheese Anyone?

It is Packers week and the Vikings need to end their dreams. From the rookies stepping up to the Duke of Shelley, make it so to start 2023 just like they did at the beginning of the season. SKOL!

Vikings vs Giants - Whiteout

From everyone wearing white to what it takes for the Vikings to beat the Giants.

Vikings at Lions - Underdog?! | Two Old Bloggers

We have a great show lined up, from should Jalen Reagor be used more, the anatomy of a concussion, and is there a better solution for Darrisaw and Evans, to breaking down the Kitties. Should they be as hyped as much as they are? Can the Vikings prove Vegas wrong & clinch?

Vikings vs Jets - Another Test

Two Old Bloggers breaks down Jet vs Vikings and the battle against another good defense, addresses fans fears, and tries to explain why this team isn’t good yet on screen plays.

The Bounceback: Vikings Win vs Patriots

From a bad defeat to a great win, Darren and Dave talk about the comeback and bounceback victory over the Patriots and what that means for the Vikings and the standings in the NFC North and the NFC.

Vikings vs Cowboys - Dak Prescott & Kirk Cousins: Who Means More?

Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano break down the 8-1 Vikings vs 6-3 Cowboys with a little bit of "look at us now" after the team pulls out the win against the Bills in the most entertaining of manners.

Vikings vs Bills - Ride ’Til I Can’t No More

Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano are breaking down Vikes at Bills, but first some Kirko and JJ talk. Come join us and talk about the attitudinal changes all across the team that so far have resulted in a glorious 7-1 start. SKOL!

Vikings vs Commanders - Play Better & Keep Winning!

What a fantastic show! Darren and Dave delivered today with no letdowns. Let’s hope the Vikings do the same against the Commanders tomorrow! They break down what to expect in the game tomorrow, the Vikings vs Commanders. Can Taylor Heinicke play a spoiler? Will TJ Hockenson make a difference in his first game as a Viking? Can my young blocking stud, Ed Ingram click and get effective at pass blocking? We all want to know, so join us. SKOL!

QB Stability Good? Vikings vs Cardinals

Join Darren Campbell and Dave as they look at the Vikings vs Cardinals game, but first, is stability at quarterback a good thing? Only if it brings wins, right? So far so good this season. Join us as we argue over this and much more including the shortest QB in football since Wee Willy Smith was winning championships with the Giants before WWII. #SKOL!

Vikings Direction?

Are the Vikings playing better than last season? The record says so. Join Darren and Dave as they compare and look for the differences that have led to more Ws. #SKOL!

Vikings at Dolphins - Skylar Effect?

Darren and Dave talk about the Vikings at the Dolphins. Is there a Skylar Thompson effect? We’ll explain what that is. Have there been some pleasant surprises beyond the 4-1 start? Then, what will it take to beat the Dolphins in the heat and humidity? Who do you pick? #SKOL!

Vikings vs Bears - What’s Wrong With Kirk Cousins?

Darren and Dave talked today about how Kirk Cousin’s production has declined. Is he declining? Is it the new scheme? He has two 4th quarter comebacks though and a better QB win rate than any start in his Vikings career, but QB wins isn’t a stat, right? #SKOL!

Vikings at Saints in London - What’s Wrong With Jefferson?

Darren Campbell will join Dave in what promises to be a wild Two Old Bloggers. We can hear everyone already. We can’t wait to talk about Justin Jefferson and the rest of the Purple. To London... Tally-ho! #SKOL!

Vikings vs Lions - We Expect Better

On this episode of 2OB, with much gnashing of teeth after the humiliating loss at the hands of the Eagles, the Vikings take on the Lions in a key NFC North matchup. Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano will look into what to expect, and we expect better! Join us. SKOL!

Vikings vs Eagles - Ready Again?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren finally gets a chance to rejoice in the week 1 victory over TTFW [the Packers] and we together look at the Monday Night matchup with the Eagles. It should be a rockin’ preview. Join us! #SKOL!

Vikings vs Packers - Are You Ready?

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, join Dave and his outstanding partner in football, Darren, as they get you pumped for the week 1 border battle. Will the Purple and new HC Kevin O’Connell mark the end of Green Bay’s dominance? Hell yes! Let’s do this! SKOL!