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Onto The Patriots: The Vikings After A Blowout Loss with Chad Graff & Jordy McElroy

How can the Vikings rebound on TNF vs another daunting defense? Tune in to find out!

Are The Vikings At A Turning Point?

Yes, they are, and they better figure out which way to go. Play dominant football or implode against good defenses.

Vikings vs Cowboys | The Final Score

The Minnesota Vikings get blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 40-3. What a difference a week makes. React with us!

Vikings vs Cowboys - Dak Prescott & Kirk Cousins: Who Means More?

Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano break down the 8-1 Vikings vs 6-3 Cowboys with a little bit of "look at us now" after the team pulls out the win against the Bills in the most entertaining of manners.

Fraudulent No More! Have The Vikings Defeated That Perception?

One of our favorite Vikings beat writers, Ben Goessling, joins the crew to talk about how this team has become 8-1.

‘Game of the Year’ - What’s Your Take?

Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings on the ‘Game of the Year’ after the Minnesota Vikings beat the Buffalo Bills in an epic battle.

Are These Vikings Special?

Are these Vikings special? Do you think so? As we wake up this morning, we see that they share the best record in the NFL. Tyler and Dave get into the whys and wherefores and the constant improvement that we as fans are seeing. This, and more on the The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Bills - Greatest Regular Season Football Game Ever!

Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! Your team in purple took on possibly the best team in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills, and after going down by 17 came roaring back. Like Ali and Frazier, blow after blow came late and drove the game to overtime. It was one of the greatest regular season games ever! SKOL!

Vikings vs Bills - Ride ’Til I Can’t No More

Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano are breaking down Vikes at Bills, but first some Kirko and JJ talk. Come join us and talk about the attitudinal changes all across the team that so far have resulted in a glorious 7-1 start. SKOL!

7-1 & Kirk’s Fun

The team keeps winning and Kirk Cousins is getting his Kirko on.

Resilience - The 2022 Vikings

The 7-1 Minnesota Vikings keep winning and Tyler along with Dave talk about why after Danielle Hunter’s big day. It is resilience. It is Kirk Cousins’ confidence that leads to another win, and it is new tight end T.J. Hockenson who makes it happen. This, and more on the The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Commanders | The Final Score

Another wild game and show! Your Minnesota Vikings come back from 10 points down in the 4th quarter to get the win. 7-1 Baby! Join Flip, Jonas, and Dave in that final 2 minutes and afterward as they react with you. SKOL!

Vikings vs Commanders - Play Better & Keep Winning!

What a fantastic show! Darren and Dave delivered today with no letdowns. Let’s hope the Vikings do the same against the Commanders tomorrow! They break down what to expect in the game tomorrow, the Vikings vs Commanders. Can Taylor Heinicke play a spoiler? Will TJ Hockenson make a difference in his first game as a Viking? Can my young blocking stud, Ed Ingram click and get effective at pass blocking? We all want to know, so join us. SKOL!

Kicking It with Ryan Longwell

On a thirsty Thursday version of Vikings Happy Hour, we had a great show, and a big thanks went out to Ryan Longwell for joining us and talking kicking rhythm, and awesome stories. SKOL!

Vikings All In With Hockenson Trade?

On Vikings Happy Hour, the gang talks about the big trade for T.J. Hockenson to be the new TE1 and what it means for the offense. They also look at how some of the older players seemed to have found their second wind in their careers. It is a good night for a good bunch of Purple. SKOL!

Grade The Trade

Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings trading for tight end T.J. Hockenson, kicker Greg Joseph, and more, along with your takes. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Vikings vs Cardinals | The Final Score

Another game driving fans to their cardiologists. Can this team please put these birds away?! ...Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! The Vikings did with a 34-26 point win over the Cardinals. React with us. SKOL!

QB Stability Good? Vikings vs Cardinals

Join Darren Campbell and Dave as they look at the Vikings vs Cardinals game, but first, is stability at quarterback a good thing? Only if it brings wins, right? So far so good this season. Join us as we argue over this and much more including the shortest QB in football since Wee Willy Smith was winning championships with the Giants before WWII. #SKOL!

Trade Ideas for the Vikings

Could your Minnesota Vikings actually be in the trade market with the deadline looming next Tuesday? Join Matt and Ryan to discuss possible trade targets Kwesi Adofo-Mensah may be interested in and why on this episode of Vikings Happy Hour .

Vikings Direction?

Are the Vikings playing better than last season? The record says so. Join Darren and Dave as they compare and look for the differences that have led to more Ws. #SKOL!

Vikings Bye Week Check-In

Grades, grades, grades, and what do you think needs to improve on the Vikings for their continued success? Grab a drink and join the guys as they talk Vikings’ bye-week. SKOL!

Defense Wins The Day

Tyler and Dave lead off the week by talking about the win down in Miami over the Dolphins. What can we expect the team to do over the bye week? Tyler gets into it. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Dolphins | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Jonas Stärk of CTP Germany and Tyler Forness join Dave to break down the Vikings' win in Miami. The first since the great Fran Tarkenton did it in 1976. Yeah, it has been that long and the result was worth the wait. SKOL!

Vikings at Dolphins - Skylar Effect?

Darren and Dave talk about the Vikings at the Dolphins. Is there a Skylar Thompson effect? We’ll explain what that is. Have there been some pleasant surprises beyond the 4-1 start? Then, what will it take to beat the Dolphins in the heat and humidity? Who do you pick? #SKOL!

Pretenders Or Contenders? With Luke Braun

Luke Braun joins everyone at the bar to talk about your Minnesota Vikings. Is Dalvin Cook "cooked?" Why isn’t the defense as good as we want? Plus, there’s much more and a lot of fun on this Vikings Happy Hour. SKOL!

Can Kirk Get Better? | Viking Hot Takes

Flip gets stuck in traffic. Eric talks about his England visit. Then the hot takes flow from Kirk Cousins, kicker trust, and defensive worries, along with your takes. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Besties - Justin Jefferson & Kirk Cousins

Tyler Forness and Dave will start the week of Climbing The Pocket’s show docket as we work from a victory over the NFC North Bears to traveling down to Miami to play the Dolphins. Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins are developing quite the chemistry on the football field with both setting records yesterday. They are becoming gridiron "Besties". Let’s celebrate that and have fun looking toward the next Vikings win. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Vikings vs Bears | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Kirk Cousins is clutch in the end again for a 29-22 Vikings win over the Bears. SKOL!

Vikings vs Bears - What’s Wrong With Kirk Cousins?

Darren and Dave talked today about how Kirk Cousin’s production has declined. Is he declining? Is it the new scheme? He has two 4th quarter comebacks though and a better QB win rate than any start in his Vikings career, but QB wins isn’t a stat, right? #SKOL!

When’s The Offensive Explosion?

Beer and whiskey drinking and Vikings talk. What could go wrong? Commenting on the victory over the Saints and looking at the Bears. Matt, Ryan, Dave, and those who joined us had fun for this Vikings Happy Hour . SKOL!

The Good, The Bad, The Kirk

The Vikings are an ugly 3-1 but they are a winning football team. Why are things so ugly? What’s with Kirk Cousins’ interceptions? Have they shown improvement? The last few games have been rough stomach-churning affairs with highs and lows and fears abound. Purple fans never age as much as they do during those 3 hours, but we love it. Come join Tyler Forness and Dave as we celebrate the win and discuss the frustrations. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show. SKOL!

Vikings vs Saints | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Justin Jefferson has a much better game in the 28-25 Vikings win over the Saints. SKOL!

Vikings at Saints in London - What’s Wrong With Jefferson?

Darren Campbell will join Dave in what promises to be a wild Two Old Bloggers. We can hear everyone already. We can’t wait to talk about Justin Jefferson and the rest of the Purple. To London... Tally-ho! #SKOL!

Vikings Travel to London! With Matthew Coller

On this Vikings Happy Hour , Matthew Coller of Purple Insider joins the team to talk about the Vikings' win over the Lions. Irv Smith and Kirk Cousins came up in the discussion too. He also talks about how the Vikes should do in London versus the Saints. Will they happen on Sunday? SKOL!

Vikings Offensive Line - No Issues?

It seems like the offensive line is no longer a concern, but is Matt correct? Matt joins Flip with his hot takes about the offensive line. Join us in this fast-hitting show where we make TD completions and not throw INTs. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Comeback King - Kirk Cousins

Tyler dives into the Kirk Cousins’ win over the Detroit Lions, the god, the bad, and the Kirk. Then he starts the discussion on what to expect in the upcoming game in London versus the Saints. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!


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