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CTP Mondays - Preseason Reaction

Tyler and Deshawn talk about meniscus injuries, the preseason in review, and player growth. The Vikings still move forward. So will we! #SKOL!

Vikings vs Chiefs - CTP’s: The Final Score

The preseason is in the books with the Vikings losing to the Chiefs. Dave had to go off-script, and after a false start like the Vikings, and had to rely on the fans to get everything going.

Viking Hot Takes - Preseason Takes & Vikings vs Chiefs

Viking Hot Takes: Flip is on the road and Eric is now in charge. Oh no! Myles Gorham’s number is called from the bench for a wild 6 questions in 20 minutes about your Minnesota Vikings. Can they pull out the win?

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings Beat Writer Mathew Coller

Mathew Coller joins CTP at the bar for Vikings Happy Hour and what comes from it? A raw appraisal of what is going on with the team and its quarterback.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Final 53, Griffen, & a Backup QB

Some of your favorite CTP personalities talked Vikings vs Colts, the need or not for a backup QB, the defense with Everson Griffen added, and the offense improvements, or not. Do you root for Kirk Cousins?

CTP Mondays - PS2 In Review: Vikings vs Colts

ICYMI, Tyler, and Deshawn chose their player of the game, along with the good and other not-so-good stuff from the Vikings vs Colts game. Join the conversation.

Vikings vs Colts - CTP’s: The Final Score

Preseason week 2 is in the books with Vikings losing to the Colts 12-10. Though there were some improvements, there were deficiencies and disjointed play. Deshawn and Dave break it all down.

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings vs Colts & Drinking with Stampede Blue

Matt and Ryan are joined by Chris Blystone of Stampede Blue to talk about Saturday’s preseason 2 game at US Bank Stadium, and the status of both teams.

CTP Mondays - The Look Back: Vikings vs Broncos

Tyler and Deshawn chose their player of the game, along with the other not-so-good stuff from the Vikings vs Broncos game. Join the conversation.

Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Broncos, 3 Topics from PS1

The game was terrible but it was a full speed, full hit, glorified practice. Some players stood out, others… not so much. Dave and Darren talk about it with you!

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings vs Broncos Ticket Giveaway and More!

Matt, Myles, Ryan, and viewers join in to talk about your Minnesota Vikings.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Zimmer, Oline & WRs, Stock Report

Some of your favorite CTP personalities talked to what is up with Christian Darrisaw, Oli Udoh, and Wyatt Davis, plus look ahead at the Vikings vs the Broncos.

CTP Mondays - Making Your Monday Purple

Tyler Forness and Deshawn Vaughan host CTP’s and DN’s newest show as the Vikings get closer to real football. Join the conversation!

GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Injuries, Controversy & PS1 Vikings vs Broncos

What should we expect to see in the first preseason game of the 2021 campaign?

Viking Hot Takes - Pads Are On and the Hitting Has Started

Flip’s positivity & Eric’s dad jokes all while answering team questions. No Plexiglas req’d.

Vikings Happy Hour - Luke Braun Straight From Vikings Camp

Luke Braun of Locked on Vikings joins Matt and Ryan to talk Vikings and being back in Minnesota.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Camp, Vax Rates, & Gladney Gone

The group gathers to talk pads on in camp, which players are balling, and what risk to team results the percentage of vaccinated players have. Is it time to get excited?

GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Protocols, Osborn, Davis & Hunter

Kirk Cousins not being vaxxed along with 3 other standout topics.

CTPN’s In The Huddle: Vikings, Saints, Lions and a Fiery Recap

Climbing The Pocket Network personalities get together to talk your Minnesota Vikings, the numbers, opinions, the Vikings, Saints, and Lions, the future, a Super Bowl recipe and Vlogmas where you get a show everyday of December, especially as the Vikings play football.

Fries Football - F***, Kirk, Throw the Flag!

The outburst caught of the mic from Justin Jefferson to Kirk Cousins was about the route. As you will see in the breakdown of the play, he was open.

GMG & Friends with Warren Ludford from Daily Norseman

DN’s very own Warren Ludford joins GMG to talk the Minnesota Vikings, their defense, their playoff update and Kirk Cousins.

CTPN’s In The Huddle: talking Vikings, Buccaneers and Bears

After a rough Buccaneers game, the guys look at what the Vikings can do to beat the Bears.

Climbing The Pocket Live! The Original talking Vikings, Jags and Bucs

The original CTP crew looks at the Vikings and how they will have to win in Tampa against the Buccaneers. Did play in the Jaguars game point to a solution? Will Cameron Dantzler and Justin Jefferson be the rookies that will make the difference?

Vikings Talk - GMG’s Debuts Two Old Bloggers

The former writer of Grant’s Tomb and Kick Ass Blog, Darren Campbell, joins Good Morning Gjallarhorn’s Dave in the Climbing The Pocket Network’s newest show "Two Old Bloggers." They talk Vikings from a different perspective in a warm friendly way.

CTP Live! The Original Goes Live For The First Time

The podcast the started the Climbing The Pocket Network with Jayson Brown, Myles Gorham, Yinka Ayinde and Jordan Reid on day 2 of #Vlogmas2020 took their show to the visual realm talking Vikings, Jaguars and the playoffs. Playoffs?!

CTPN’s In The Huddle: talking Vikings, Panthers, Jaguars and Vlogmas

Climbing The Pocket Network personalities get together to talk your Minnesota Vikings, the numbers, opinions, the Panthers, The jaguars and Vlogmas where you get a show everyday of December.

Vikings vs Panthers: GMG In The Raw! Vikings Win?

What a game! It was an ugly mistake laden affair that ended up with Kirk Cousins playing well and getting his second come from behind regular season victory. Dave, Flip and Drew get into the good, bad, and ugly.

Vikings vs Panthers: GMG Pregame Show - Teddy Returns

Teddy Bridgewater returns to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew look at the game. Will the Vikings win?

Vikings vs Cowboys: GMG In The Raw! Another Loss at U.S. Bank

What an absolute crummy result as the Vikings go down in their home against a bad Cowboys team. Is it all Mike Zimmer’s fault? The guys get into quite enthusiastically and colorfully in this explicit language laced reaction from the Good Morning Gjallarhorn team.

Vikings vs Cowboys: GMG Pregame Show - Will the Vikings Win Again?

The gang from Good Morning Gjallarhorn talk Vikings vs Cowboys from the numbers to possible results. Who should play well and who might not. Will the Vikings win again?

Vikings vs Bears: GMG In The Raw! A Magical Night

Your Daily Norseman and Climbing The Pocket Network postgame show went live after the game for immediate game reaction from the Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew and you the fans. What a magical night for the Vikings to win their 3rd straight divisional game.

Vikings vs Bears: GMG Pregame Show - Will the Vikings Win?

Good Morning Gjallarhorn previews The Vikings at the Bears. The Vikings are 4-16 since 2000 in Soldier Field, and that stadium seems to have turned into a house of horrors for whatever reason. Will the Vikings win?

Vikings vs Lions: GMG In The Raw! Getting it done again

Victory is sweet, especially after beating a division rival. Flip, Drew and Dave from Good Morning Gjallarhorn react to the Minnesota Vikings defeating Detroit Lions. Dalvin continues to Cook and the defense steps up. What did you think?

Vikings vs Lions: GMG Pregame Show

The Lions come to play your Vikings and will we see Matthew Stafford or Chase Daniels leading their effort? Will Kirk Cousins be unleashed? Will Dalvin Cook and the offensive line continue to roll? We’ll find out Sunday.

Vikings vs Packers: GMG In The Raw! Dalvin Cook on Fire!

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew with Ted Glover, Flip Mazzi, Drew and Dave talked about how Dalvin Cook was on fire with one of his best performances ever taking the team on his shoulders. The Vikings beat the Packers, and how sweet that was.

Vikings vs Packers: GMG Pregame Show

It’s Packers week and your Minnesota Vikings are looking to beat their divisional rivals. Injuries are taking their toll and Kirk Cousins has been bad. Is Zimmer’s and Spielman’s seat getting hotter?