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Minnesota Vikings 2010 Season

This is where all posts about the Vikings' 2010 season should go.

The Best Cornerback In The NFL Plays For The Minnesota Vikings

Pro Football Focus has declared their best all-around cornerback in the NFL. . .and it's not who you probably think it is. (Although, this being a Vikings site, you should know who we're talking about.)

NFL Network Top 100 List Accidentally Manages To Get Some Things Right

The NFL Network's Top 100 of 2010 is a completely idiotic waste of time, but they've finally managed to get something right.

The Minnesota Vikings Are Good At Breaking Tackles, Too

The Minnesota Vikings were a good tackle-breaking team last year, including having two of the league's best individual players in that category.

Where We Continue With The Pass Blocking Stats From Pro Football Focus

Pro Football Focus continues breaking down 2010 pass protection numbers with individual tackle ratings.

More From Pro Football Focus On The Vikings' Pass Protection

The final numbers from Pro Football Focus are in, and the Vikings' pass protection from 2010 actually grades out fairly well. Names "Vikings Get Screwed" Ninth-Best Game Of 2010

A Vikings game was named as one of the twenty best of 2010. Based on the headline, I'm guessing you know which one I mean.

And This, Too, Shall Pass

You know how you hear the words "worst case scenario" thrown around? Well, the worst case scenario happened tonight.

Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Vikings Possibly Mixing In Some New Coaches?

The Vikings are looking to fill some vacancies on their coaching staff. To that end, they've brought in a couple of interesting names.

Vikings Stock Market Report, Week 17

Vikings 2010 recap

Vikings Sign Wide Receiver That's Better Than Percy Harvin

The Minnesota Vikings have signed wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias. He will be on Minnesota's 53-man roster on Sunday when the Vikings play the Lions.

Injury Reports For Minnesota Vikings At Detroit Lions

Twenty-four hours from game time, it's time to check the injury reports for the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions.

Better Days: A Year End Retrospective

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Looking back on the MN Vikings' 2010 season.

Minnesota Vikings Honor Cedric Griffin With Ed Block Courage Award

The Minnesota Vikings today named Cedric Griffin the team's recipient of the 2010 Ed Block Courage Award.

Just A Few Random Thoughts

Just a few loose odds and ends from Tuesday night's upset victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vikings Stock Market Report, Week 16

Vikings Stock Market Report, Week 16

Vikings Pull Off Huge Upset, Cancel Vick's Coronation With 24-14 Win

The Vikings pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the 2010 NFL season tonight, as they defeated the Eagles 24-14 in Philadelphia.

Vikings Looking To Keep Impressive Streak Going

It's been a long time since the Vikings finished in last place in their division. How long? Have a look and find out.

Vikings at Eagles POSTPONED Until Tuesday At 7 PM Central

The Minnesota Vikings may be looking at another weather delay. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Sunday night game between Minnesota and Philadelphia could be postponed.

Tomorrow's Forecast? Pain. . .And Snow And Winds And Cold

It's looking like a blizzard in Philadelphia on Sunday night. How does this bode for the Vikings and the Eagles?

Let Us Celebrate Festivus With The Airing Of Grievances!

In what can only be termed as a Festivus miracle, the Daily Norseman is giving Viking fans everywhere an opportunity to air their grievances about the 2010 football season.

Both Down and Out, Now's the Time to Scout the Vikings' Roster

Two games left in the season and I'm looking at 2011's roster already, shows just how bad the loss to the Bears was on Monday night.

Stock Market Report, Week 15

Reviewing the Bears game via the Vikings Stock Market Report

NFC North's Best Team Clinches Division Title As Bears Blow Out Vikings

Congratulations to the Chicago Bears on winning the 2010 NFC North division title. They earned it this evening by blowing out the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium.

Steve Hutchinson to IR, R.J. Archer Activated, Rhett Bomar Added

Steve Hutchinson makes his way to the injured reserve list. Also, just when you thought the Vikings' quarterback situation couldn't get any more screwed up. . .well, it does.

Brett Favre UPGRADED From Out To Questionable; May Play Tonight

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has been upgraded from "out" to "questionable." He may play tonight against the Chicago Bears.

Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Quarterback Debuts Can Be Rough

The Sunday Morning Bloody Mary is brought to you by the good folks at Absolut Vodka. This week, we take a look at how some Viking quarterbacks throughout history fared in their first starts. . .and, for the most part, it's not pretty.

In This Installment of 'As The Vikings Turn'...

Checking in on the Vikings

5 Good Questions With Windy City Gridiron

5 Good Questions WIth Windy City Gridiron

Another Game Lost In The Snowfu

The Daily Norseman remembers that a game will actually be played on Monday among all the logistical headaches at TCF Bank Stadium. Do the Vikings stand a chance with a third-string quarterback against the division leading Bears?

Vikings Announce Ticket Policy For Monday Night At The Bank. . .Oh, And No Booze

The Vikings have announced the ticket policy for this Monday night's game at TCF Bank Stadium.

Metrodome Roof Springs Another Leak

Another section of the Metrodome roof has failed. I know, I'm shocked, too.

Help Remove Snow From TCF Bank Stadium. . .And Get Paid!

The Vikings and the University of Minnesota are looking for volunteers to remove snow from TCF Bank Stadium. And, get this. . .you can get PAID for doing so!

It Looks Like The Vikings Will Open A Bank Account

Looking at the possibility of the Vikings playing outside at home for the first time since 1981.

Stock Market Report, Week 14

Reviewing the craptastic-al Vikings Monday night game

Vikings Barely Inconvenience Giants In 21-3 Loss In Detroit

The Vikings got thumped by the Giants tonight in Detroit, 21-3. The loss officially eliminates the Vikings from post-season contention.

Vikings Manage To Get Flexed Into Prime Time After All

The Week 16 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings has been "flexed" into prime time, according to the Vikings' web site.