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Vikings Happy Hour

Vikings Happy Hour

Vikings Happy Hour - Must-Win Games Already

In an absolutely lively discussion, Matt and Ryan talk with the fans about last Sunday and what we could anticipate going into the home opener at US Bank Stadium.

Vikings Happy Hour - Nick’s Thirsty for a Win

Nick joins the guys and they are making the transition from Vikes’ loss to the Bengals to their future win against the Cardinals.

Vikings Happy Hour - Tanishka & Vikings vs Bengals

Tanishka Mhashar joins Matt and Ryan to talk your Minnesota Vikings and preview the Vikings vs Bengals game. We have football!

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings & Beer with Phil Mackey

Last week’s Vikings Happy Hour blew up Vikings Twitter, and this one promises to do the same. One goal in mind, to win a Super Bowl, Phil Mackey and the rest of SKOR North report things like they are. Like ‘em or hate ‘em, it is always entertaining with them and your Minnesota Vikings. Join the conversation!

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings Beat Writer Mathew Coller

Mathew Coller joins CTP at the bar for Vikings Happy Hour and what comes from it? A raw appraisal of what is going on with the team and its quarterback.

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings vs Colts & Drinking with Stampede Blue

Matt and Ryan are joined by Chris Blystone of Stampede Blue to talk about Saturday’s preseason 2 game at US Bank Stadium, and the status of both teams.

Vikings Happy Hour - Vikings vs Broncos Ticket Giveaway and More!

Matt, Myles, Ryan, and viewers join in to talk about your Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings Happy Hour - Luke Braun Straight From Vikings Camp

Luke Braun of Locked on Vikings joins Matt and Ryan to talk Vikings and being back in Minnesota.