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Who Powered Through


Who Powered Through: Randy Moss

We come not to bury Randy Moss, but to praise him, and to remember the time he powered through for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who Powered Through: The Sickest Plays In Vikings History

We take a look at some of the sickest plays in Minnesota Vikings history, thanks to the good folks at Vicks.

Who Powered Through: E.J. Henderson

It's hard to believe that its been a year since E.J. Henderson had his femur snapped in half in Arizona. But, it has been, and he's done a fine job of powering through his injury.

Who Powered Through: Injury Reports For Vikings At Redskins

The Daily Norseman takes a look at the injury reports for the Redskins and Vikings in advance of this weekend's game.

Who Powered Through: Jim Marshall Did, Of Course

Vicks is proud to sponsor the NFL blogs of SBNation, and it's starting this week with their bi-weekly "Who Powered Through" series.